Orthopedic Surgery Program Infographic

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April Patient of the Month: Lucky
04/09/2018 — Lucky started going to physical therapy when he was two because of the delays with sitting up and rolling over. His physical therapist noticed that the problem was not muscular but skeletal, a condition that she couldn't treat. The pediatrician told Janie and Greg, Lucky’s parents, about Nicklaus Children's Hospital. When Janie and Greg visited Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, they met Dr. Harry L Shufflebarger, Pediatric Spinal Surgery Director. He performed the necessary surgeries and now Lucky can enjoy a healthy life.
What is bracing treatment for scoliosis? - Dr. Stephen George explains
03/01/2018 — When should bracing be used as a treatment for idiopathic scoliosis?
How is idiopathic scoliosis treated? - Dr. Stephen George explains
03/01/2018 — What is the best treatment for idiopathic scoliosis? Treatment options will be determined for each patient by an orthopedic specialist.