ACL Injury Prevention Screening

Also known as: ACL screening and injury prevention, ACL injury prevention.

What is an ACL injury prevention screening?

The anterior cruciate ligament of the knee is more commonly known as the ACL, and a tear of the ACL is a common injury among athletes. An ACL injury prevention screening is a biomechanical motion analysis test performed to identify level of risk for an ACL or other lower extremity injury.

What happens during the procedure?

Trained Sports Health professionals will perform a 45 minute video analysis of the athlete’s movement patterns during physical tests of strength, power and balance. They will then provide the athlete with an injury risk profile and training recommendation program.

Is any special preparation needed?

No special preparation is needed for the ACL injury prevention screening. Athletes should wear shorts and athletic sneakers.

What are the risk factors?

There is always a risk of an ACL injury occurring during athletic participation, even if the patient has undergone the screening.

What are the prices for ACL Screenings?

Team ACL Screening​ $40 per athlete

  • Includes a 15-minute video analysis with individual injury risk profile, provided at school or club.

Individual ACL Screening​ - $130 per individual

  • Includes a comprehensive 45-minute video analysis with individual results summary and training recommendation package. Provided at Nicklaus Children's Outpatient Centers.

What are ACL Injuries?

In the United States there are a reported 250,000 anterior cruciate ligament tears annually. Athletes involved in sports requiring cutting, pivoting and jumping are at the highest risk. Female athletes are of significant concern as they have 4-6 times higher risk than male athletes.

Consequences of an ACL tear

  • Surgical reconstruction resulting in 6-10 months of rehabilitation and time off from sports.
  • 50% risk or arthritis 10 years after surgical reconstruction
  • 25% chance of suffering a second ACL injury

Reviewed by: Lauren Butler, PT, DPT, SCS

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ACL Injury Prevention Program

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