Family Centered Care Services

As healthcare professionals dedicated to providing the best care for each of our patients, the staff at Nicklaus Children's Hospital recognizes the essential role that families play in the health and wellbeing of the child. As pediatric health specialists, we realize that family members are the main source of support and strength for a child in the hospital. Because of this, every department and program at Nicklaus Children's Hospital is committed to supplying a truly family-centered care environment.

As part of our commitment to Family Centered Care, many units at Nicklaus Children's promote family and patient participation in medical rounds. These Family Centered Care Rounds ensure that families are actively involved in daily care team discussions related to the child’s treatment.

To learn more about a few of our departments and programs whose primary focus is on supporting the child and family both while admitted to the hospital and after they have returned to the home environment, please choose one of the links from the navigation bar on the left.

Patient and Guest Relations

Patient and Guest Relations representatives are available to assist patients and families by answering questions, explaining hospital policies, customer service and helping to resolve issues related to hospital services.

Representatives help families understand their rights and responsibilities and assist in the resolution of complaints, grievances, and treatment disagreements. They are also part of the multi-disciplinary team of care for patients and families and are available to work with families who express concerns about the hospital, its staff and its services.

To contact a Patient and Guest Relations representative, please call 786-624-4400.

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Tune in to channel 36 on any in-house hospital television to watch NCHSTV.

NCHSTV is a closed-circuit television network that provides original, healthcare-related programming designed to inform and familiarize families of the services and support available at the hospital. NCHSTV provides the latest hospital announcements including new services, technological achievements and breakthrough procedures.