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With one of the most experienced teams in the nation, Nicklaus Children’s Brain Institute is not only pioneering new treatments and procedures, but also leading the way in early diagnostics and prevention.
We are hastening the detection of potentially fatal brain anomalies through genetic screening. We are pioneering minimally invasive surgery for brain tumors, hydrocephalus and epilepsy, with incisions smaller than the height of the print on this page. We are developing personalized brain wellness strategies and leveraging new technologies to enhance the patient experience, such as our innovative NeuroHome™ concept, which will provide virtual access to ongoing care and support in the home and school via telehealth.
From treatment for traumatic brain injuries to deep brain stimulation for movement disorders to clinical trials for sleep disorders – Nicklaus Children’s Brain Institute has evolved into one of the largest and most advanced pediatric neurology and neurosurgery programs in the nation.

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July Patient of the Month: Lacy

Meet our July Patient of the Month, Lacy. Lacy was only 2 years old when her parents noticed that something was wrong. They took her to various doctors to try to find what could be the cause, Lacy had an 8 cm. tumor in her brain, occupying most of the lower part of her head.


Meet Reshma Naidoo, PhD - Director of Cognitive Neuroscience

Reshma Naidoo, PhD of Nicklaus Children's Hospital is a pediatric neuropsychologist and neurorehabilitation speacialits with the Brain Institute.


Intraoperative MRI | Innovations Pediatric Healthcare

Dr. John Ragheb, director of the division of neurosurgery, with the Brain Institute at Nicklaus Children's Hospital discusses guided imaging which brings MRI technology directly into the surgical suite to enhance safety and ensure complete removal of tumors and preservation of healthy tissue.


October Patient of the Month: Astry

After Astry was born, her parents noticed that she wasn't progressing as babies typically do. She wasn't able to lift her head and she showed a lot of muscle weakness. Her pediatrician recommended they take her to see a neurologist, and so Astry's parents brought her to Nicklaus Children's Hospital.


Meet Doctor Sanjiv Bhatia - Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Sanjiv Bhatia, MD of Nicklaus Children's Hospital is a pediatric neurosurgeon with the Brain Institute.


Meet Doctor Toba Niazi - Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Toba Niazi, MD of Nicklaus Children's Hospital is a pediatric neurosurgeon with the Brain Institute.


Review of Ketogenic Diet in the Treatment of Dravet Syndrome - Maria Del Pilar Gennaro, ARNP

Maria del Pilar Grennaro,  Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner of Nicklaus Children's Hospital, talks about the Ketogenic Diet as a treatment of Dravet Syndrome during the 2016 Dravet Syndrome Foundation Biennial Conference.


Creative Meal Planning in the Ketogenic Diet - Cristina Visona, Registered Dietitian

Cristina Visona, MS, RD, LD/N, CSP, Clinical Dietitian of the Brain Institute, talks about creative meal planning for children that are on the ketogenic diet at the 2016 Dravet Syndrome Foundation Biennial Conference.


Meet Doctor Parul Jayakar - Director of Neuro Genetic and Metabolic Program

Parul Jayakar, MD of Nicklaus Children's Division of Clinical Genetics is the Director of the Neuro Genetic and Metabolic Program and the Miami Genetic Laboratories.


Meet Doctor John Ragheb - Director of Neurosurgery

John Ragheb, MD of Nicklaus Children's Hospital, is the Director of the Division of Neurosurgery. Dr. Ragheb created a program to treat hydrocephalus in children in Haiti under the sponsorship of Project Medishare. An all-volunteer surgical team travels to Haiti twice per year to perform surgeries on children with hydrocephalus, with approximately twenty surgeries being performed during each trip.


Epileptologist Charlotte Dravet, MD Speaks about Dravet Syndrome

Internationally recognized French psychiatrist and epileptologist Charlotte Dravet, MD, spoke to families and physicians at Nicklaus Children's Hospital about Dravet syndrome. This disorder, first described by Dr. Dravet, is a difficult-to-treat form of epilepsy. Patients also discuss treatment through Nicklaus Children's Hospital's Ion Channel Epilepsy Program, one of the nation's first comprehensive care programs for children with Dravet syndrome and other forms of ion channel epilepsy.


Matthew's Success Story

Nicklaus Children's Brain Institute is home to the largest number of pediatric neuroscience subspecialists in the nation. Many of these experts have achieved international renown. The institute serves as a beacon to families confronting the uncertainty of a child with a brain disorder, offering the latest treatments and assessment techniques available at few other centers in the nation. In fact, many of the institute's most notable successes are in children who could not be helped elsewhere. Mathew was one of them. 


Patrick's Autism Success Story

Patrick was diagnosed with autism when he was 18 months old. Eighteen months later, through a series of therapies at Nicklaus Children's Hospital Dan Marino, Patrick is able to talk and interact with others.


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Researchers Find New Hope for Children with Neurofibromatosis

Dr. Ziad Khatib, pediatric neuro-oncologist, discusses treatments for children with fibromatosis in this WPLG Local 10/ segment.


Dr. Roberto Tuchman to Address Autism Innovations & Global Impact at International Conference

Dr. Tuchman to discuss Google, Facebook, FaceTime and the Eletric Developing and Social Brain.


Dr. Michael Duchowny Honored with The Children's Trust David Lawrence Jr. for Children Award

Dr. Michael Duchowny is the receipient of the prestigious The Children's Trust David Lawrence Jr. for Children Award which honors individuals and programs that have reached the highest levels of excellence and achievement, their community partners and the families they have helped.


Pediatric Spasticity - New treatments mean better outcomes for all children and their parents

Dr. Toba Niazi specializes in the surgical treatment of children with brain and spinal cord tumors, and children with cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, spasticity, vascular malformations, craniocervical and spinal pathologies and movement disorders.


Brain Institute doctors honored at Camp Boggy Creek‬ for their commitment to helping children with epilepsy

Congratulations to Dr. Ian Miller and Patricia Dean, ARNP, CNR, RN, who were honored last week at ‪‎Camp Boggy Creek‬ for their commitment to helping children with ‪‎epilepsy‬.


Rare Diseases Day

Patients and families treated by the Nicklaus Children's Brain Institute came together on "Rare Diseases Day" for the launch of a family advisory committee to support families of children with rare diseases. 


The Brain Institute's 2015 Epilepsy Surgery Reunion

Patients and families enjoyed lunch, and fun filled activities including a visit to Jungle Island.


Hydrocephalus Cases Receive Less Invasive Treatment Solutions at Nicklaus Children's Hospital

Pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjiv Bhatia helps lead the way with sustainable care that improves and saves young patient lives.


Haiti Hydrocephalus Project

In 2003 a team of medical volunteers, led by pediatric neurosurgeon Dr John Ragheb, traveled to Haiti to perform surgery for children with hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is one of the most common treatable causes of neurological disability and death in the developing world.


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Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Performs the World’s First Focused Ultrasound Surgery on Hypothalamic Hamartoma Tumor in Epilepsy Patient

A multidisciplinary clinical team at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital used magnetic-resonance guided focused ultrasound to ablate a centrally located brain tumor in a young patient experiencing tumor-associated seizures.


Sanford Health and Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Collaborate to Sequence Genes

Sanford Health and Nicklaus Children’s Hospital will sequence the genes of nearly 1,000 Latino and Hispanic people in an effort to better understand the health needs of those populations.


Nicklaus Children's Moves Patients into its New Advanced Pediatric Care Pavilion

The Advanced Pediatric Care Pavilion, a six-story, state-of-the-art bed tower now houses the hospital's three intensive care units, the neurology-neurosurgery unit and a cardiac intensive care unit, among other enhancements.


Nicklaus Children's Hospital Pediatric Specialty Services Again Ranked Among the Best in the Nation

Eight subspecialty programs of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, part of Miami Children’s Health System, are again ranked among the best in the nation, according to U.S.News & World Report’s 2016-17 “Best Children’s Hospitals” rankings, posted online today. 


Nicklaus Children's Opens Subspecialty Clinic in Aventura

The Nicklaus Children's Aventura Care Center is the newest ambulatory location, offering consultations with pediatric subspecialists and diagnostic services.


Sixty-one Physicians on Nicklaus Children's Hospital Medical Staff Make Prestigious 2015-2016 Best Doctors in America® List

Only five percent of doctors in America earn this prestigious honor, decided by impartial peer review. 


Nicklaus Children's Hospital Pediatric Specialty Services Again Ranked Among the Best in the Nation

According to U.S.News & World Report’s 2015-16 “America’s Best Children’s Hospitals” rankings, seven subspecialty programs of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, part of Miami Children’s Health System, are once again ranked among the best in the nation.


Brain Institute Clinicians Present Epilepsy Findings at Dravet Syndrome Medical Conference

Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, Clinicians Present Epilepsy Findings at Dravet Syndrome Medical Conference


Miami Children’s Hospital Brain Institute is Region’s First in Using Minimally Invasive Technique for Epilepsy Surgery in Children

Epilepsy specialists at Miami Children’s Hospital are the first in the Southeast--and the second in the nation-- to offer minimally invasive laser surgery for children with seizures that don’t respond to anticonvulsant medications.


Miami Children’s Hospital Affiliation to Benefit Russian Children with Epilepsy

The Miami Children’s Hospital Global Health Services program has formed an affiliation with the Moscow Center for Pediatric Craniofacial Surgery and Neurology in Moscow, Russia. Through the initiative, experts at Miami Children’s Hospital are collaborating with their Moscow counterparts to advance surgical care for Russian children with medically resistant epilepsy.


Russian Physicians Visit Miami Children's Brain Institute

Neurologists from Moscow Pediatric Center of Craniofacial Surgery and Neurology, and Russian State Medical University are visiting Miami Children's Brain Institute.


Miami Children's Hospital Comprehensive Epilepsy Center Receives Recognition

The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at Miami Children’s Hospital has been recognized by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida host Unveiling as Part of $1,500,000 Donation to Brain Institute

Gloria and Emilio Estefan to Make Presentation at Press Conference on April 9th


Miami Children's Takes Part in $17 Million Epilepsy Study Funded by the National Institutes of Health

Miami Children’s Hospital is a key member of a nationwide group of medical centers that have been awarded a $17 million grant from the National Institute of Neurologic Disorders and Stroke – a division of the National Institutes of Health – for a clinical research study of childhood absence (petit mal) epilepsy.


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Dr. Sanjiv Bhatia, pediatric neurosurgeon at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, shares with us some amazing strides they're making in surgical techniques to treat epilepsy.

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