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Caring for Children with Cleft Lip or Cleft Palate

June 25, 2024 – The treatments for cleft lip and cleft palate have seen significant advancements in recent decades. At the Pediatric Craniofacial Center & Clinic at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, our multidisciplinary team of specialists can walk parents through what they can expect from their child’s treatment and recovery process for cleft lip or cleft palate in the months and years ahead.

Pharmacogenetics: Guiding Treatment for Children with Severe Depression

May 21, 2024 – Depression and anxiety significantly affect many children and teens. For those struggling with these conditions, medication often serves as an effective treatment option. Many parents express concerns about starting their child on antidepressants. In response to these concerns, there's a growing shift towards personalized therapy. This approach takes into account individual factors such as genetic makeup, which can influence how a patient metabolizes and responds to medication.

What Parents Should Know about Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

April 18, 2024 – As most parents know, stomach and digestive problems are an occasional issue in every kid’s life. This may take the form of a stomachache, diarrhea or even nausea and vomiting from time to time. The difficulty for parents is determining whether their child just has a run-of-the-mill digestive illness or something more serious like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Advocating for Your Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

April 16, 2024 – If your child has the developmental condition known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), then you are far from alone. The most recent estimates from the CDC note that one in every 36 children born in the United States is affected with ASD. This lifelong condition creates challenges related to repetitive behaviors, restricted interests and social-communication deficits, which can vary in type and severity in each child.

Tree Pollen Allergy Season Begin in March: What You Need to Know

March 19, 2024 – Here in South Florida, seasonal allergy triggers tend to pop up earlier than other parts of the country due to the milder climate. March is when the tree pollen allergy season begins, so it’s a good idea to be prepared. Dr. Grace Padron, Program Development Director, Allergy & Immunology at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, discusses symptoms and when to see an allergist.

The Importance of Kidneys and How to Keep Them Healthy

March 18, 2024 – As a parent, you probably don’t give your children’s kidneys a lot of thought, but they are vital organs that perform a whole host of important jobs in the body. Dr. Nicole Christin, Chief of the Nicklaus Children's Pediatric Specialists Section of Nephrology, shares how to optimize kidney health.

Measles Cases Reported in South Florida: What You Need to Know

February 20, 2024 – The Florida Department of Health Broward County office issued a Health Advisory regarding several cases of measles that were reported at a Weston elementary school. Here's what you should know.

Debunking Myths about Diabetes

November 07, 2023 – Diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects how your body turns food into energy. Although millions of people are diagnosed with diabetes, there are still misconceptions about the condition. Amada Rico, BSN, RN, and Diabetes Nurse Navigator at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, explains common concerns she receives from patients about diabetes.

Pediatric Headaches and Migraines: What You Need to Know

June 02, 2023 – Headaches are more common in the pediatric population than people realize. Pediatric neurologist and medical director of the headache program at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, Dr. Wilson Heredia Nunez, provides information about symptoms, prevention, and treatment of headaches and migraines within children.

Setting the Record Straight About Scoliosis

May 19, 2023 – Scoliosis is a common condition that affects millions each year, yet there are still many myths associated it. Dr. Subaraman Ramchandran, a pediatric spinal surgeon with the Center for Spinal Disorders at Nicklaus Children's Hospital explains common questions he receives from his patients about scoliosis and spinal surgery.

Sargassum Seaweed & Children’s Health: What You Need to Know

May 16, 2023 – A recent development may pose a threat not only to your family’s enjoyment of South Florida's beaches but also the health of you and your children — and that’s Sargassum seaweed.

Infant Safe Sleep

March 15, 2023 – Following Safe Sleep practices is a way to keep your baby safe while sleeping. Infants are safest when they sleep in their own crib, bassinet, or portable crib. Sometimes, healthy infants can unexpectedly die if they are placed in an unsafe sleep environment.

Are We Experiencing the ‘Tripledemic’ Here in South Florida?

December 19, 2022 – Medical professionals are raising alarms about what is being called a “tripledemic,” an occurrence in which outbreaks of three distinct viruses—flu, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and COVID-19—are causing widespread illness. Although in South Florida is not encountering the same large numbers of affected patients as other regions, Dr. Joanna Perdomo, MD, MPH, FAAPinforms parents what they should be on the lookout for.

Toy Safety and Injury Prevention

December 15, 2022 – Nearly 500 children under the age of 15 are seen daily in emergency rooms for toy-related injuries. Almost half of those children are under 5 years of age.

Medical Breakthroughs for Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)

November 17, 2022 – Type 1 diabetes (T1D) continues to be a prevalent and growing concern among children in the United States. Between the years 2001 and 2009, the number of individuals with T1D under the age of 20 rose by 21 percent. Fortunately, there are numerous new medical developments to support treatment. Many of these offerings are available through the Nicklaus Children’s diabetes program.

Cerebral Palsy: The Importance of Early Detection

October 21, 2022 – If you’re a parent or thinking about becoming one, it’s important to be aware of cerebral palsy (CP) in order to recognize the signs and symptoms. According to the CDC, cerebral palsy affects between 1 and 4 out of every 1,000 children worldwide, and it’s the most common motor disability among children. Continue reading for risk factors and early signs of CP in babies.

What to Eat While Breastfeeding

August 17, 2022 – During the days and months after their children are born, many new moms are left with unanswered questions and concerns related to breastfeeding. Luckily, there is one aspect of breastfeeding that mothers can have good control over, even before their baby is born, and that’s nutrition. 

Achieving Great Outcomes for Children with Cleft Lip and Palate

July 25, 2022 – Cleft lip and palate occurs when the baby's lip or mouth does not form properly during pregnancy. The two conditions together make up some of the most common birth defects as one out of every 700 babies is born with a cleft lip, cleft palate or both. The good news about cleft lip and palate is that the condition is now easier to diagnose, treat and correct than ever before. Here’s what you need to know about this common birth defect. 

Raising Awareness About Juvenile Arthritis

July 18, 2022 – Arthritis is often considered a health condition that affects adults. However, almost 300,000 children cope with the joint pain, swelling and limited mobility associated with arthritis in the U.S. alone. Though there are many forms of arthritis in children, they are typically classified under the term juvenile arthritis. 

Heat Protection Tips

July 14, 2022 – Most heat-related deaths occur during the summer, people should be aware of who is at greatest risk and what actions can be taken to prevent a heat-related illness or death.

The Risks of Cytomegalovirus (CMV) to Infants

June 27, 2022 – Many people have never heard of the virus known as cytomegalovirus (CMV), even though more than 60 percent of people have it without knowing it. That’s because the virus rarely causes symptoms. One area of concern related to CMV, however, is in pregnant women and their newborn infants. CMV is the most common infectious cause of birth defects in the United States.

How to Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses in Children this Summer

June 27, 2022 – Children are especially vulnerable to heat-related illnesses because their bodies do not adjust to changes in temperature the same way adults do. Children tend to sweat less and produce more body heat; because they are less aware of their bodies, children can quickly succumb to the heat. Learn how to prevent heat-related illnesses and what are the signs and symptoms to look out for.

What Parents Should Know About Skin Cancer

May 18, 2022 – With warm weather and constant sunshine throughout most of the year, families in South Florida are no strangers to the dangers of too much sun exposure. Still, melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer is on the rise, particularly among children and young adults.

Bone Fractures in Children

May 18, 2022 – Whether your child spends a lot of free time on a sports team, at a dance class or simply playing outdoors, injuries are common in active children. Therefore, when your child falls, it is good for parents to know how to care for injuries, particularly if they suspect there is a fracture.

What You Need to Know About Cystic Fibrosis

May 18, 2022 – May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month, which is the perfect time to learn more about this lifelong lung condition that’s all too common among children.

Conversation Starters

May 09, 2022 – Sample Featured blog post for On Our Sleeves Initiative.

Unconventional Treatments for Autism: What Parents Should Know

April 18, 2022 – Physicians don't typically recommend treatments that are considered “unconventional.” These may include experimental, alternative, or complementary therapies. However, complementary treatments can be implemented in addition to conventional treatments. Among the most commonly used complementary treatments are dietary modifications.

The Historic Importance of Immunizations

April 18, 2022

Vaccines have certainly been in the news more than is typical lately, thanks to their important role in preventing the spread of COVID-19. But this is only the most recent example of the importance of vaccines. People have used vaccines, also known as immunizations, for centuries to stop the spread of illnesses.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Developments and Treatments

April 14, 2022 – IBS is the most common GI diagnosis that pediatric gastroenterologists make. If there’s any good news about IBS, it’s the fact that most cases can be managed with some basic lifestyle changes and over-the-counter treatments. Dr. Heidi Gamboa, Pediatric Gastroenterologist, shares developments and treatments for IBS to give families the opportunity to gain a better understanding and realize there is hope with new advances in treatment options. 

Recognizing the Importance of Prenatal Diagnosis to Detect Congenital Heart Disease

March 10, 2022 – Learning that a baby will be born with a heart defect is alarming news for any family. The uncertainty and unknown effects the condition can bring can be devastating to face. Thanks to advances in medicine, there is hope. 

Similac, Alimentum and EleCare Formula Recall

March 08, 2022 – Some powdered baby formulas, including Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare, produced by Abbott Nutrition's manufacturing facility, have been recalled. The FDA advises parents and caregivers not to feed the recalled baby formulas to children in their care. That is why we are offering parents resources that show substitutions for these products and the next steps they should take. 

Injury Prevention and Performance for Young Athletes

March 02, 2022 – The Sports Health Program provides athletes with an array of support services including injury prevention and rehabilitation, athletic training, sports nutrition and more. Our team wants to remind young athletes to follow these important pre- and post-training tips to prepare their bodies for the demands of in-season practices and competitions.

Recognize Concussion Injuries in Athletes

March 02, 2022 – Did you know that 1 to 3 million sports-related brain injuries occur in the U.S. each year? Sports-related concussions can occur due to a jolt to the head, neck, or trunk that causes increased movement in the brain. A blow to the head or loss of consciousness need not occur for an injury to be considered a concussion. The Sports Health Program explains how to identify concussions and what to do when you suspect your athlete may have suffered a concussion.

Eating Disorders: What Parents Need to Know

February 15, 2022 – National Eating Disorders Awareness Week takes place each February to bring greater visibility to the risks and challenges that children coping with an eating disorder face. The Eating Disorders Program at Nicklaus Children's Hospital sees children facing these challenging conditions and has several treatment solutions to help them and their families. 

Taking Care of Your Baby’s Teeth

February 14, 2022 – Healthy teeth and gums are an integral part of a child's overall health. While most parents know the importance of good oral hygiene, many are unsure how soon they should be concerned about their children's teeth. The Nicklaus Children's Pediatric Dental Services team gives a few tips that can help new parents be conscious of their child's oral health right from the start.

All About Hypothyroidism

January 19, 2022 – January is National Thyroid Awareness Month. Since hypothyroidism is the most common thyroid gland medical condition in children and impacts one out of every 1,250 kids in the United States, that makes it a perfect time to raise awareness about hypothyroidism. Dr. Joshua Tarkoff, pediatric endocrinologist, informs parents what they should be on the lookout for. 

With Rising Rates of Diabetes, National Diabetes Awareness Month Is More Important Than Ever

November 22, 2021 – November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, which provides us an opportunity to share information about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. This year, diabetes awareness is more important than ever, because diabetes rates are rising among children and adolescents. Dr. Adriana Carrillo-Iregui, pediatric endocrinologist, shares the reason for the increase in pediatric diabetes and how parents can help to prevent it.

Celebrating the Holidays Amid COVID-19

November 08, 2021 – As the holiday season approaches, many families look ahead eagerly to safely reconnecting with loved ones. They also feel renewed anxiety as they try to reimagine and plan for this year’s gatherings.

Halloween Safety Tips: Updated for 2021 and COVID-19

October 18, 2021 – Everyone loves a good scare on Halloween, but not when it comes to child safety. As COVID-19 continues to spread, it is important to keep Halloween traditions safe by wearing appropriate face coverings or masks and remaining physically distant from others. Here are a few tips and ideas that you can follow to have a safe Halloween with your children this year.

Tips for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October 18, 2021 – Cybersecurity Awareness Month continues to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and ensures that we all have the resources we need to be safer and more secure online. Here are a few tips to follow to stay safe while using the internet.

Kids Flu Center: Prevention and Care Tips for the 2021-2022 Flu Season

September 29, 2021 – Visit our flu page for helpful tips on preventing the spread of the flu virus and view our symptoms checker. Remember, antivirals are more effective if started within the first 48 hours - seek medical care at the sign of symptoms. For your convenience, our pediatric urgent care centers are available in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach county. 

Gaining a Better Understanding of PCOS

September 20, 2021 – Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is a common but poorly understood disease that impacts many teenagers and young women during their reproductive years. PCOS can be overlooked, as it can present differently in adolescents. The term PCOS is a term for a variety of symptoms associated with common hormone changes. Learn more on identifying and treating the different types of PCOS.

Hurricane Preparation

August 13, 2021 – As hurricane season approaches, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and SafeKids Miami-Dade would like to remind families that keeping safety both before and after the storm has passed is essential. Remember to stay informed and make sure to observe hurricane watches and warning as these will allow for best planning. 

Firework Safety Tips for the 4th of July Holiday Weekend

June 28, 2021 – It is important to remind families to keep safety a priority this Independence Day. Fireworks, including sparklers, can cause severe burns and scars. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, more than 3,000 children are sent to the emergency room each year due to fireworks. Follow these safety tips to prepare for the Fourth of July holiday. 

Car Seat Safety

June 25, 2021 – As families hit the road for travel or even a trip to the grocery store, adhering to proper safety restraint guidelines should be at the top of everyone’s checklist. Many parents are surprised to learn that they are putting their children at risk when restraining them in the car because they forget to ensure that the restraining device is age and weight appropriate and installed correctly.

Put an End to Hot Car Deaths

June 24, 2021 – Every 8 days, across the United States, a child dies while unattended in a hot car. It only takes a few minutes for a car to heat up and become deadly to a child inside. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and SafeKids have teamed up to launch the “Please Don’t Leave Me” campaign which will provide parents and caregivers across South Florida with helpful tips in an effort to prevent these tragedies.

Drowning Prevention Tips

June 23, 2021 – Most people think they’ll hear sounds of distress when a child is in trouble in the water. But they won’t. A drowning is a silent event. These important drowning prevention tips can save a child's life.

Backyard Pool Safety

June 23, 2021 – Fences, latched gates and locked doors are among the various methods that, combined with supervision, can prevent drownings. Here are some ways you can prevent an accident.

Keeping Kids Safe During Social Distancing

June 22, 2021 – To most kids, the current situation feels like freedom; they are physically out of school making it challenging to focus on schoolwork with all the distractions of being at home.

Scoliosis and Treatment for Children and Teens

June 18, 2021 – Scoliosis affects millions of children in the U.S. each year. Unfortunately, many of us are not aware of the signs and symptoms of scoliosis or how to treat it. The Center for Spinal Disorders at Nicklaus Children's Hospital has provided an overview of scoliosis and its different treatment methods. Their goal is to offer compassionate and comprehensive care to each child.

Communication and Feeding Difficulties: Does My Child Have Autism Spectrum Disorder?

April 14, 2021 – Why is my child not communicating? Why are mealtimes such a battle? These are some of the questions that speech-language therapists are asked when first meeting families seeking therapy for a young child. Sometimes, it is not just a lack of “speech” or difficulties eating that are the focus of our evaluation. Sometimes we are the first to tell parents or caregivers that the child has what we call “red flags for autism.”

Top Warning Signs That Your Child May Have Sleep Apnea

March 16, 2021 – Most people think of obstructive sleep apnea as a condition that impacts adults. Although obstructive sleep apnea is less common in children, it is still a risk that parents should be aware of. Between 1 and 5 percent of children are affected by it, and that it may be underdiagnosed. Dr. Sandeep P. Dave, pediatric otolaryngologist, compiled a list of sleep apnea warning signs for parents to be on the lookout for.

Taking Control: Managing the Highs and Lows of Diabetes

January 20, 2021 – The diabetes team is proud to provide this educational resource for their patients. The book offers an overview of the disease and detailed guides on how to monitor glucose (blood sugar levels), proper administration of insulin, and how to manage high or low blood sugar episodes in diabetic children.
Download the PDF book (7 MB)

Important Vaccines for Children with Diabetes

January 20, 2021 – Children with diabetes are more likely to experience complications from the flu that can lead to hospitalization. They also need extra protection against pneumonia and meningitis.

The Mediterranean Diet Meets a Western Tradition: Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2020 – A healthy dietary pattern is linked to good health. The Mediterranean diet has been associated with positive health outcomes, but what do we do when the holidays come? Do we take a break from healthy eating? Do we skip the festivities? The answer is neither. In this article, I will show you how you can have a healthy delicious Thanksgiving meal following Mediterranean diet recommendations.

Celebrating Thanksgiving Safely

November 17, 2020 – The holidays are important traditions for adults and children alike. This year, because of COVID-19, the way we are used to celebrating will look a little different.

Kids & Immunization: What you should know about vaccinations

September 30, 2020 – Keeping children up-to-date on their immunizations is important for both their health and the health of our community. In recent years, we have seen pediatric outbreaks of diseases for which vaccines are available, and part of CDC-recommended vaccinations such as measles, mumps and rubella (MMR).

Fall Flavors

September 25, 2020 – Hello fall, or is it “beautiful skin”?  It may not be a coincidence that fall fruits and vegetables are rich in carotenes, the antioxidants that protect our skin, eyesight, and help regulate the immune system. After all, summer days are all about fun in the sun. Exposure to UV rays in sunlight is known to cause premature aging of the skin, sun damage, skin cancer, eye problems and weakens the immune system. The beginning of fall also marks the beginning of the U.S. 2020 - 2021 influenza season, a peak time for immune responses.

It's Kids Eat Right Month

August 27, 2020 – It’s Back-to-School time again, and while it may look a little different this year, the challenges are the same. “What to make for lunch and snacks?” is on every parent’s mind.

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 17, 2020 – We understand that news related to the international spread of COVID-19 has raised concerns in our community. As part of our commitment to the region’s children and families, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is in daily contact with local, state and federal agencies to monitor the situation, and is prepared to evaluate and care for patients with COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19.  

Weight Management for Children and Teenagers

January 14, 2020 – Obesity has become one of the most significant threats to the well being of our nation’s children. It is estimated that nearly 32 percent of children and adolescents are overweight and that 16 percent or more can be categorized as obese.

The Risks of Vaping – What Parents Need to Know

September 24, 2019 – Until recently, the severity of e-cigarette use or “vaping” has been minimized. However, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is currently investigating an outbreak of lung disease in connection with e-cigarette use following the deaths of six people as a result of e-cigarette use or “vaping.”

Flood Emergency Readiness

August 29, 2019 – Some basic steps to take to prepare for storms and floods while under a flood watch or warning.

Natural Disaster Preparation for Families with Children

August 29, 2019 – During preparation time, at the occurrence of, and in the aftermath of natural disasters such as hurricanes, children are likely to experience fear and anxiety, manifested by moderate to intense periods of hyperactivity, distraction, clinging to parents, excessive talking and sometimes regression of learned behaviors such as toilet training and sleeping in their own bed.

Preparing your Child for a Hurricane

August 29, 2019 – Children and teenagers can become anxious when their routines are disrupted by natural disasters such as a hurricane or tropical storms. Parents should try to address those fears in a factual, reassuring manner.  If you remain calm, your children will often follow your behavior.

Hurricane Survival Tips for Families

August 29, 2019 – Hurricanes are considered natural disasters. In order to safeguard your family, it is essential that you prepare accordingly with information involving pre-hurricane readiness and post-hurricane recovery efforts. The information below will help you and your family cope with the realities of such an emergency.

Sports Nutrition in Kids and Teens

May 13, 2019 – Exercising and being active is only half the battle. In order for children and adolescents to have the best chance at becoming successful athletes they need to fuel their bodies appropriately. A common misconception is that because a child may be very active, he or she can eat anything because it will burn off in practice. While the child may burn many calories in practice or competition, he or she will not be playing at an optimal level if health foods are not being consumed.

Recommendations for juice consumption in children

March 29, 2019 – Consumption of fruit juice has increased drastically within recent years as children and adolescents continue to be the highest consumers. An excessive amount of juice consumption can lead to not only an increase in calories, but also an increased risk for childhood obesity and dental caries.

Immune “Boosters” for Children

March 27, 2019 – A healthy immune system is your family’s best weapon to fight the common cold or the flu season, and our job is to keep you ready. Below is a list of six immune-boosting nutrients and the different foods they can be found in, recommended by Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s #GiveMe5 program. 

Medical Care During Pregnancy

March 06, 2019 – The sooner in pregnancy good care begins, the better for the health of both moms and their babies. Here's what to expect.

Child-Friendly Veggies

March 05, 2019 – Vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet, but getting kids to eat an adequate amount can be challening. Here are helpful tips to introduce more veggies into a child's diet. 

Guide for First Time Parents

March 01, 2019 – If you're a first-time parent, put your fears aside and get the basics in this guide about burping, bathing, bonding, and other baby-care concerns.

Birth Plans: Preparing for Labor and Delivery

February 28, 2019 – In the happy haze of early pregnancy, you're probably already thinking of baby names and planning to shop for baby clothes. The reality of labor and birth may seem extremely far off — which makes this the perfect time to start planning for the arrival of your baby by creating a birth plan that details your wishes.

Newborn Screening Tests

February 27, 2019 – Newborn screening tests look for harmful or potentially fatal disorders that aren't apparent at birth. Find out which tests are done and which disorders they're designed to detect.

Natural Treatments for Pain Relief

September 06, 2018

Natural pain treatments, like herbal remedies, are generated from parts of a plant that may treat health problems. Many natural remedies have been used for thousands of years by all major cultures and are still used today by 80% of the earth’s population.

Managing Pain: Stress Response & Relaxation Response

September 05, 2018 – When you are in pain, learning to relax takes practice. It's best to practice the relaxation techniques when you are not in pain or when the pain is of lower intensity.

Dental Health in Children with Sickle Cell Disease

August 10, 2018 – Children with SCD may present anemia, repeated infections, and shortness of breath.

Dental Health in Children with Hemophilia

August 10, 2018 – Children with hemophilia may present excessive bleeding to inadvertent trauma of perioral soft tissue or after some dental procedures.


Dental Health in Children with Congenital Heart Defects

August 10, 2018 – Children with congenital heart defects may require special precautions before dental cleanings and treatment.

Dental Health in Children with Seizures

August 10, 2018 – Children with seizures can present many dental problems due to the oral side effects of the seizure medications.

Dental Health in Children with Leukemia

August 10, 2018 – Children with leukemia can have different oral manifestations.

Dental Health in Children with Diabetes

August 10, 2018 – Children with diabetes can be more prone to soft tissue abnormalities. Read more about managing the dental health of children with diabetes.

Dental Health in Children with Asthma

August 10, 2018 – The medications that an asthmatic child uses could have effects on the oral mucosa.


Dental Health in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

August 10, 2018

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder may present with behavioral management problems in the dental setting due to increased anxiety, fear and increased sensory stimulation.

Dental Health in Children with Cerebral Palsy

August 09, 2018 – Children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) can present weak muscles tone around the mouth which causes them to have difficulties with sucking, chewing and swallowing. They are more prone to having malocclusion (abnormal alignment of the teeth). 

Dental Health in Children with ADHD

May 30, 2018 – One of the most common childhood disorders, ADHD is a neurological condition characterized by difficulty paying attention, impulsive behavior and/or hyperactivity. How does ADHD affect the oral health of children?

Helping Female Athletes Prevent Sports-Related Knee Injuries

April 11, 2018 – Today we are seeing an increasing number of girls playing competitive sports, with roughly 200,000 at the collegiate level. This rise in 200,000 at the collegiate level. This risen in participation has afforded female athletes many social and health benefits including improved physical fitness, confidence, teamwork and a decreased risk of obesity. 

STOP Sports Injuries

April 05, 2018 – The STOP Sports Injuries Campaign wants to be sure that you have all the information you need to keep kids in the game for life. Whether you are an athlete, coach, healthcare provider or parent, we have the sports injury prevention tips and tools to make sure safety is your first priority.

Strength Training in the Adolescent Population

October 09, 2017 – Exercise is the physical exertion of the body - making the body perform a physical activity which results in a healthy or healthier level of physical such as cardiovascular exercise (aerobic and anaerobic), strength/resistance training, balance and proprioception training, etc.

Cavity Prevention in Children

June 02, 2017 – Brushing, flossing, fluoride, sealants, and going to the dentist are fundamental to a child's dental care.

Dental First Aid Emergency Care

June 02, 2017 – Things to do when a child is having a toothache, a broken tooth, a knocked out permanent tooth, a cut or bitten tongue, a broken braces and wires, and other dental trauma. 

Shoulder RTC Simple Stretching and Strengthening

March 31, 2017 – It is important to keep your shoulder healthy and strong throughout the entire sports season. Strengthening your shoulder daily will help avoid weakness and fatigue that you may feel as the sports season rolls along.

The Pitfalls of Early Sports Specialization

March 31, 2017 – The majority of our youth participate in their primary sport for both school and club leagues bringing average practice times upwards of 14 hours per week year round.

STOP Aggressive Driving

February 20, 2017 – February is Aggressive Driving Awareness month.
Help South Florida keep our roads safer!

Holiday Safety Tips for Kids and Parents

December 01, 2016 – It’s that time of year again when we enjoy festive meals with family and friends, deck our halls with colorful decorations and listen to squeals of delight as our children open their brightly-wrapped presents. To help ensure your kids have fun and stay safe this holiday, here are a few tips to remember.

Preseason Conditioning: The Key to Performance and Injury Prevention

November 01, 2016 – With busy summer schedules filled with social events and vacations, most athletes neglect an important component of training for their sport-preseason conditioning.

Tennis - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Tennis, played worldwide, is one of the most popular racket sports. A high number of tournaments for competitive tennis players may lead to overuse injuries, such as "tennis elbow" or wrist injuries.

Volleyball - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – As participation has increased over the past two decades, the number of volleyball-related injuries has risen as well.

Hockey - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Ice hockey is a finesse sport that requires a unique combination of speed, power, and teamwork. As a result, players are at risk for specific injury patterns—some of them avoidable.

Water Polo - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Over the past 20 years, water polo participation has grown significantly in the United States. Sportsmanship, equipment, and attention to preparation and strengthening can help prevent injuries and enhance and improve performance.

Wrestling - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Wrestling, one of the world's oldest sports, is offered at various levels of competition, including the Olympics, the American Athletic Union, the U.S. Wrestling Federation, and high school and college-sponsored tournaments.

Swimming - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Swimming is among the most popular low-impact fitness activities, with more than a million competitive and recreational swimmers in the United States.

Softball - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Softball injuries in young athletes are on the rise and nearly as frequent as baseball injuries, but they generally result in less time lost to competition. These injuries most commonly involve the back, shoulder, forearm, wrist, and hand.

Soccer - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and the fastestgrowing team sport in the United States.

Skiing and Snowboarding - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Tens of thousands of skiers and snowboarders enjoy snowsports every year, however few prepare for the rigorous physical demands that these sports place on the body.

Running - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Running is a great form of exercise, recreation, and sport participation for adults, adolescents, and children.

Rugby - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – In recent years rugby has been gaining in popularity in the United States with athletes from elementary school to adults playing the game.

Rowing - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Rowing is an unusual sport in that the athletes sit facing the stern of the boat with their feet anchored in sneakers attached to a foot stretcher.

Martial Arts - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Martial arts are a popular form of exercise and sport worldwide. In the United States there are an estimated 8 million participants in martial arts, with Tae kwon do and Karate being most popular.

Lacrosse - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – With its roots in Native American cultures, lacrosse is America's oldest and currently fastest growing team sport.

Inline Skating - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Inline skating is a popular form of exercise that can burn as many calories as running or cycling while potentially placing less stress on the joints of the lower body.

Figure Skating - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – In recent years the physical demands of figure skating have increased dramatically with a corresponding increase in potentially detrimental effects on the adolescent body.

Golf - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Golf looks like an easy game to play, hitting a stationary object with a club into a relatively wide open space. Well, think again!

Football - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Football is one of the most popular sports played by young athletes, and it leads all other sports in the number of injuries sustained.

Field Hockey - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Interest in field hockey has grown dramatically in North America, and today there are more than 5,000 women competing at the collegiate level each year. As the sport has evolved, it has become faster-paced and more physical. As a result, the number of and severity of injuries has increased.

Dance - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – For many people dance may not spring to mind when thinking about sports, but the physical demands placed on the bodies of dancers have been shown to make them just as susceptible as football players to injury.

Cycling - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Since the 1800s when bicycles first made their appearance, cycling has become popular for commuting, recreation, exercise, and sport. Today, there are about 80 million cyclists in the United States. 

Cheerleading - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Cheerleading is considered an athletic activity that incorporates elements of dance and gymnastics along with stunts and pyramid formations.


Gymnastics - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – Each year, more than 86,000 gymnastics-related injuries are treated in hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, and ambulatory surgery centers. Gymnasts must consistently prepare for the rigorous physical and emotional toils that the sport requires.

Basketball - STOP Sports Injuries

October 20, 2016 – With modern basketball's fast pace game come many opportunities for injuries. It is estimated that more than 1.6 million injuries are associated with basketball each year.

Baseball - STOP Sports Injuries

October 13, 2016 – Injuries in young athletes are on the rise, but elbow and shoulder injuries in children are on the verge of becoming an epidemic.

Put It Down. It Can Wait

September 28, 2016 – No text. No call. Nothing is worth losing a life over. Did you know texting and driving is illegal in Florida?
Join the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and its partners to educate drivers about the dangers of distracted driving.

Zika Virus and Pregnancy: Transmission, Outcomes, and Precautions

September 16, 2016 – Cases of Zika Virus have been confirmed in the U.S. Learn about Zika Virus transmission and Zika Virus pregnancy precautions from Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

Zika Virus Facts, Symptoms and Prevention Tips

August 03, 2016

The Zika virus spreads through infected mosquitoes and can cause severe birth defects. Learn about Zika virus symptoms and prevention at Nicklaus Children's.

Video/Social Media Game Safety

August 03, 2016 – The latest trend amongst children and teens is video and social media games that encourage catching and collecting virtual characters. While these games encourage activity and family togetherness, they also cause safety and security concerns for families.

Baseball Injuries in Children

July 27, 2016 – Thousands of children who play in baseball leagues are seen each year complaining of elbow or shoulder pain. Injuries in these young athletes are on the verge of becoming an epidemic. Damage or tear to the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) should be treated immediately, otherwise it is difficult to repair or rehabilitate.

Sports Hydration Infographic

June 06, 2016 – How much water should a kid drink while playing sports?

Safety Concerns with Hoverboards

March 28, 2016 – ​The recent holiday season’s most popular toy, the hoverboard, is causing concern among the medical experts at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. 

Mosquito-borne Diseases and Mosquito Prevention

February 04, 2016 – Mosquito bites can be harmful in several ways. The most common complication of these bites occur in the form of allergic reactions of the bite site and infections related to scratching. However, mosquito bites can also result in the transmission of life threatening conditions such as encephalitis, and birth defects such as microcephaly.

Healthy Tips for Kids Infographic

June 25, 2015

Healthy, happy kids grow up to be healthy, happy adults. It’s a parent’s responsibility to instill good habits early on. Read on for more healthy tips for kids about eating nutritiously, spending time outdoors, clocking enough sleep, limiting screen time and staying fit and active from childhood to adolescence and beyond.

Winter Sports Safety Tips

June 01, 2015 – Skiing down a snow-covered slope with the wind in your face and tranquil mountain scenery all around – there’s a lot to love about winter sports. However, skiing can also pose some inherent risks, such as frostbite, sunburn and knee and head injuries.

Outdoor Sports Safety Tips

June 01, 2015 – Many children play soccer, football, field hockey or lacrosse starting from an early age. Injuries occurring in these types of outdoor field sports are easy to sustain. It is important that parents advise children on the proper gear and way to play in order to prevent injuries from occurring.

What to Know About Ebola

March 25, 2015 – Ebola is a rare and deadly disease caused by infection with one of the Ebola virus strains.

Enterovirus Awareness and Planning

March 17, 2015 – What Parents Need to Know About Enterovirus D68

Florida Residents Urged to Get Vaccinated Against Measles

February 02, 2015 – It's important all Floridians make sure they have received the measles vaccination because those who are fully immunized have very little risk of developing the disease.

Sugar Intake in Kids Infographic

January 04, 2015 – It's no secret that kids love sugar. What's unclear is just how detrimental the sweet stuff is to your child’s health. Recent studies have found that sugar has the same effect on the brain as certain addictive drugs. The experts at Nicklaus Children's Hospital take a closer look at the harmful effect too much sugar can have on the body.

New Meningitis B Vaccine

November 14, 2014 – The recent FDA approval of a new vaccine for Meningococci type B is being greeted with enthusiasm by Nicklaus Children's doctors.

Youth Sports Injury Prevention Infographic

June 03, 2014 – Are your kids playing it safe? Helping children lead physically active lifestyles is essential to their health. Explore Nicklaus Children's Hospital's best tips for keeping young athletes safe and active.

Navigating the Teen Years - A Parental Survival Guide

November 14, 2013 – “Adolescence is often the period in a child’s life when he or she begins to separate from his parents and develop his own identity,” says Lorena Siqueira, MD, Adolescent Medical Director at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. “The child’s effort to become more independent can be a difficult time for the whole family.”

Smoky Day Preventive Measures

November 07, 2013 – Some tips to minimize respiratory discomfort on days of heavy smoke pollution.

Hepatitis B Prevention Tips

November 07, 2013 – Hepatitis B is a serious public health problem that affects people of all ages in the United States and around the world. In 2003, an estimated 92,000 people contracted hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection in the United States.

Gun Safety Tips

November 07, 2013 – Facts and safety tips created by the Division of Preventive Medicine/Community Pediatrics and Safe Series Miami™ (a registered trademark of Nicklaus Children's Hospital)

Dog Bite Prevention Tips

November 07, 2013 – Annually more than four million Americans, approximately half of them children, suffer dog bite injuries. Injury rates are highest among children between the ages of five and nine, with boys being bitten more often than girls in the same age group.

Back to School Tips and Checklist

November 07, 2013 – At Nicklaus Children's Hospital, we are committed to making this school year a most healthy, safe and successful year for the children. We hope you find the following suggestions useful.

Nutrition and the My Plate Food Guide

November 03, 2013 – At all stages of life, nutrition plays an important role in maintaining good health. It is important not only for growth and development, but to maintain strong bones and teeth and build a good immune system.

Common Questions About Breast Development

November 03, 2013 – Breast development is the first sign of puberty in the majority of adolescent females. This can occur as early as age 8 years.

Planning for College

November 03, 2013 – College is not just about books, dorm rooms and roommates. Other issues exist that should be thought about before your child goes to college.

Fiber - What's the Deal?

November 03, 2013 – Fiber is the term used to describe carbohydrates that cannot be digested and therefore cannot be absorbed by the human intestinal tract.

Calcium and Your Teen - Why Milk Matters

November 03, 2013 – Calcium is the main mineral that strengthens bones and this is most important during adolescence when teens are going through their growth spurt. Almost half of the bone mass a teen will have for the rest of his life is made during adolescence.

Body Piercing

November 03, 2013 – Piercing is an invasive, permanent process which can lead to infections at the site of your piercing as well as more serious infections like Hepatitis B. There are a few things you need to consider before you make this decision to make sure you are happy with your piercing and that you stay safe.

Helping Your Teen Become A Safe Driver

November 03, 2013 – According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), teenagers account for only 7% of the driving population but are involved in 14% of fatal car crashes. Motor vehicle accidents are the #1 cause of death and injury for people ages 15-19.

Helping Kids Avoid Kidney Stones

November 03, 2013 – Most parents don’t realize that children can develop kidney stones at a young age. However, changes to family diets have led to an increase in this serious condition – which has been seen in children as young as age 5.

Cherishing Your Child’s ‘Chompers’(Teeth!)

November 03, 2013 – Teeth. They help your child eat, speak and flash the sweetest smiles.

Breathing Easier about Asthma

November 03, 2013 – Asthma is one of the most common childhood illnesses. As many as 5 million children in the U.S. suffer from this chronic condition that affects the lungs and airways.

Basic Oral Hygiene

November 03, 2013 – Although tooth decay is preventable, it is the most common chronic disease among US children.

Helping your child reduce diabetes risk

November 02, 2013 – In recent decades, there has been a dramatic increase in childhood type 2 diabetes. The culprit: childhood obesity. About 16 percent of children ages 6 to 19 are clinically overweight or obese, predisposing these young people to diabetes, with all its harmful effects.

Protect Your Child from Bullies

November 02, 2013 – Once upon a time, the stereotypical bully was someone who picked on smaller kids at school, taking lunch money or pushing others around. In today’s increasingly complex world, bullying can take many forms. It can include verbal abuse, spreading false rumors, isolating others, or making cruel comments on Facebook. Girls can be bullies as well as boys, and any child from pre-school to college can be a victim.

Year-Round Sun Protection

November 02, 2013 – No parent wants his or her child to come home with a painful sunburn. Because skin damage is cumulative, too much exposure to the sun can lead to wrinkles, spots and even skin cancer later in life. Melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, is on the rise. Fortunately, regular use of sunscreen can reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.

How to Talk to Your Child About Violence in the Media

December 14, 2012 – The alarming events in recent news from  Newtown, CT, have continued to shock and sadden us all. As we take time to reflect, we’d like to share some resources for parents on how to talk to their children about difficult, and often frightening topics, such as violence and how it may affect them.

A Silent Cry for Help: Cutting and Self-Mutilation

May 06, 2007 – Acording to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, approximately 2 million people in the United States—mainly female teenagers—intentionally injure themselves every year. While self-mutilation can be a one-time, experimental occurrence, experts say this unhealthy coping mechanism can become addictive.

Talking about money troubles with your child

May 02, 2007 – Skyrocketing prices at the grocery store and high costs at the fuel pumps are forcing families cross the nation to rein in their spending habits. Adjustments can be challenging for all members of the family, including children. But take heart—it’s all a matter of reframing the situation and turning it into a positive experience for the entire family.

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