Important Vaccines for Children with Diabetes

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Taking Control: Managing the Highs and Lows of Diabetes
The diabetes team is proud to provide this educational resource for their patients. The book offers an overview of the disease and detailed guides on how to monitor glucose (blood sugar levels), proper administration of insulin, and how to manage high or low blood sugar episodes in diabetic children.
Download the PDF book (7 MB)
Dental Health in Children with Diabetes
Children with diabetes can be more prone to soft tissue abnormalities. Read more about managing the dental health of children with diabetes.

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Children with Diabetes Enjoy a Carefree Day at Miami Seaquarium
The Miami Children's Hospital Diabetes Youth Camp is a camp exclusively for children with diabetes who are treated at Miami Children's Hospital.

Children with diabetes have fun in the sun at Venetian Pool
Young campers from the Miami Children's Hospital Diabetes Youth Camp 2009 spend a carefree day at the newly-renovated Venetian pool in the City of Coral Gables in June.