ENRICH Literacy Program

Engage, Nurture & Read to Infants and Children

Reading aloud to your baby teaches them about communication, introduces numbers, letters, colors, and shapes. It also builds listening, memory, and vocabulary skills.

mother reading to her daughters
mother reading to her daughters

The ENRICH Literacy Program was created in collaboration with clinicians to educate and empower all parents to engage, nurture, and read to infants and children. The program provides resources for parents and educators in our community to increase literacy rates from birth and beyond.

ENRICH aligns with our Nicklaus Children’s Health System mission
“Where your child matters most”

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Easy steps to promote literacy from infancy

  • Name body parts and the clothing as you are dressing your baby.
  • Name foods and talk about the colors of food when you are eating.
  • Narrate the story of changing your child’s diaper – explain to your child what you are doing.
  • When it’s time to take a bath - sing songs.
  • Use a variety of voices for different characters when reading a story.
  • Use a mirror to show facial expressions while interacting with your baby.
  • While grocery shopping, talk to your baby about the colors, shapes, and sizes of the food you are purchasing.

enrich-school-clubENRICH School Clubs

The ENRICH School Club is our education outreach program. ENRICH School Clubs are eligible to receive books or funding towards ENRICH book purchases, and will have an opportunity to host a Special Event at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. ENRICH School Clubs must follow an approved book list to receive funding.  ENRICH School Club applications are subject to approval by the ENRICH Steering Committee.

How You Can Help 

The ENRICH Literacy Program is funded through the generosity of donors like you.  The following donation options are available:

  • $55 – Baby’s First Bilingual Library
  • $50 – Donate 10 new books to ENRICH
  • $100 – Donate 25 new books to ENRICH
  • Other Donation Amount of your choice
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