Miami Dade County Public Schools Telehealth Service

Telehealth Technology Supports Health Assessment at Your Child’s School

Miami-Dade Schools Telehealth Pilot Program

Have you ever been called away from work when your child’s school reports that your son or daughter is ill?

When health questions arise, the school-based nurses at your child’s school now have access to telehealth technology, made possible through Nicklaus Children’s Health System. The technology can be used to link your child and the school nurse to advanced care providers to assess certain conditions of the skin, ears, eyes, throat and lungs, while the child is still at school.

What is telehealth service and technology?

Telehealth technology can connect patients and caregivers at separate locations via a secure audiovisual connection to support health evaluation and assessment. School nurses at your child’s school can use  his connection to consult with an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) or a medical doctor at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. These experts will be able to use both visual and audio tools to assess your child’s medical condition through the remote connection. No video will be recorded during the consult to preserve student privacy.

What medical conditions can be assessed?

Conditions that can be assessed through the school’s telehealth connection include: fever, sore throat, earaches, cold symptoms and rashes.

How does this benefit me or my child?

An assessment may indicate that your child is well enough to stay in school. If the assessment identifies the source of the symptoms, it may be possible for you to pick up your child and go directly to the pharmacy of your choice to pick up a prescription to assist your child.

Does telehealth replace the school nurse or my primary care provider (PCP)?

No. Telehealth consults offer enhanced clinical services at school, including diagnosis and potential treatment of medical conditions. Your child’s PCP will be provided a summary of the visit. Follow up with the PCP within 48 to 72 hours is recommended.

Is there a fee for school-based telehealth services?

No. There will not be a charge for the service.

If you have questions about this service, please contact your school nurse as follows:
W.R. Thomas Middle School:  305-995-3993
Southwest Miami Sr High School:  305-274-0181
Airbase K-8 Center for International Education:  305-258-3676
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