Adolescent Medicine

Helping teens navigate adolescence, while providing preventive care and treating various illnesses.

We offer programs dedicated to gender, substance abuse, behavioral issues, and pediatric gynecology.

group of teenagers
group of teenagers
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Adolescence is a developmental period marked by physical, psychological and social changes that include achieving adult stature and sexual maturity, increase in intellectual capacity, a search for identity and a place in one's society, separation from the family and development of relationships with significant others.

While most adolescents make this transition without major problems, they need a significant amount of reassurance, guidance and support to make the right decisions. The practice of teen medicine was created to address the age specific issues that arise during the second decade of life.

In the process of making these changes adolescents are experimenting and testing limits. In the dependence-independence struggles, the choices adolescents make can affect their health for the rest of their life. Medical problems may occur as a result of risk-taking behaviors common among teens. Such issues can best be addressed in a teen-oriented office setting that recognizes the uniqueness of teens.

Adolescence is also the time when a number of adult illnesses may be diagnosed for the first time, and disabled teens may need special support in confronting their unique challenges. Adolescent medicine specialists are specially trained to help teens with issues related to their growth, provide preventive care, help with the management of acute and chronic illness from physical ones.

Why Choose Nicklaus Children's Hospital?

Adolescent Medicine at Nicklaus Children's Hospital provides an environment in which teens can feel comfortable talking about their changing bodies. This helps ensure that hesitancy to discuss such issues does not interfere with a teen's ability to obtain reliable health information.

The program is committed to providing high quality, comprehensive and confidential care to teens.

Conditions We Treat

featured patient photo.
featured patient photo.

Stories to Inspire

As a mother of three daughters, Moraima is no stranger to the wave of emotions that come with raising teenage daughters. That became especially important when she tragically lost her husband. Moraima’s youngest daughter was only eight at the time and had a difficult time coping with her father’s passing. This is when she reached out to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital to find support for herself and her daughter. 

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