The Nicklaus Children's Hospital Food and Nutrition Department provides meals, special formulas, and clinical nutrition services to inpatients. The meals prepared and served by the department meet the nutritional requirements of the patients based on the medical and cultural needs and at the same time are appealing to their taste. In addition, the department offers outpatient follow-ups by referral of the medical staff.

Our pediatric nutrition specialists provide top-notch nutrition assessments for every patient. Daily screenings, nutrition counseling, calorie intake assessment and instructions on formula preparation are conducted according to the patient's diagnosis and medical plan.

Every patient at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, both inpatient and outpatient, has access to a pediatric nutrition specialist to address his or her individual needs. All of Nicklaus Children's Dietitians are registered with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), having completed education requirements from the AND, and are licensed in the state of Florida.

Comprehensive Programs and Clinics

Our pediatric nutrition specialists are an integral part of the team in several of our subspecialty programs and clinics. They design special diets unique to each child's condition that support their treatment and recovery process.

Nutritional Treatments

  • Adequate nutrition for picky eaters
  • Sports nutrition counseling
  • Weight management
  • Vegetarian/vegan diet

Nutritional Treatments

Conditions We Treat

Food Services for Patients, Families and Guests

We offer a broad range of food services to meet your every need during your stay. You can choose from our extensive room service menu, various cafés or vending machines that are located throughout the facility. Our friendly staff is here to provide customer service so that your visit with us is more pleasurable. Our "Excellence in Dining" service is an extension of our commitment to providing high quality patient care.

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Community Outreach Programs

give me 5 logoOur pediatric nutrition specialists at Nicklaus Children's Hospital are actively involved in making a difference in the local community. They set out to bring nutrition awareness to the local community. Those activities include: involvement in schools, local health fairs, and presentations on a variety of nutrition related topics. They strive for proving a service that will advance the community in making sound nutrition choices.

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