Food and Nutrition FAQ

Do I need a prescription?

Yes, your primary doctor will give you a prescription to see the dietitian. Please bring this prescription with you to your appointment with the dietitian.

Is there a cost for seeing the dietitian?

Some appointments may be covered by your insurance. Costs can be discussed with the scheduling agent when you call to make your appointment.

Do I need to bring my child to the appointment?

Yes! You must bring your child to the dietitian appointment.The dietitian will do a nutritionally focused physical exam and take your child’s height and weight.

Who else should come to the appointment?

Besides your child, any main care-taker of your child should join you. For instance, a grandparent or nanny who is part of their daily care.

How long are the appointments?

An initial appointment will usually run 45 minutes to 1 hour. Follow up appointments are generally 30 minutes.

Should I bring any paperwork?

Yes, please bring any lab work and records from outside physicians and therapists.

Where do I park?

Please use the visitors parking garage or Valet Park at the main entrance. View the Campus map and directions.