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Allergy & Immunology


The Allergy Division is devoted to the comprehensive evaluation and management of children with allergies and asthma. Disorders routinely seen include rhinitis (hay fever), sinusitis, hives, recurrent infections, food allergies, eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders, drug allergy, anaphylaxis, contact dermatitis and eczema (atopic dermatitis). It provides the evaluation and management of the individual with allergies as it pertains to the respiratory, cutaneous and/or gastrointestinal system.


The Division of Clinical Immunology offers consultation services to patients referred for evaluation of recurrent infections, suspected or confirmed immunodeficiency disorders, primary immunodeficiency and HIV, or fevers of unknown origin. It also provides support to patients undergoing immunosuppressive therapy. In addition, the Division evaluates patients with drug allergies and conducts desensitization if necessary. The clinical immunology laboratory provides state-of-the-art assays of cellular, humoral and phagocytic immune functions.

Our team of doctors assess each patient individually using skin testing, patch testing, in vitro allergy (blood) testing, and breathing evaluations in order to develop an effective treatment program. The division will also evaluate patients with drug allergies and conducts desensitization if necessary.  The division is also involved in a number of studies that investigate the most serious allergic reactions or anaphylaxis.

At what age do allergies develop?
For more information about the Division of Allergy & Immunology at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, or to make an appointment, please call (305) 662-8272.


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