Allergy Testing and Treatment for Children

Allergen-Specific IgE Testing

Allergen-specific IgE testing can either be a skin test or a blood test. The skin test is the most common way of testing for allergies and is relatively painless.

Allergy Immunotherapy Treatment

Allergy shots reprogram the body’s immune system to reduce or eliminate allergic symptoms. They offer increased quality of life and are the only treatment available that provide long-term relief by eliminating or reducing allergic symptoms. Allergy shots are not effective for food allergies.

Food Challenge Test

An oral food challenge (OFC) is the gold standard to confirm a food allergy, or to determine if an individual has outgrown an allergy to a particular food.


Plasmapheresis is a medical procedure that can treat autoimmune and other disorders. It involves replacing the body’s plasma to prevent it from attacking the body’s healthy cells.

Pulmonary Function Test

Pulmonary function testing refers to a broad range of tests used to monitor the function of the lungs. The tests range from exercise tests to spirometry to other forms of testing.


Vaccinations provide the body with protection from developing the illnesses later in life.