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Preparing your Child for a Hurricane

Children and teenagers can become anxious when their routines are disrupted by natural disasters such as a hurricane or tropical storms. Parents should try to address those fears in a factual, reassuring manner.  If you remain calm, your children will often follow your behavior.


Natural Disaster Preparation for Families with Children

During preparation time, at the occurrence of, and in the aftermath of natural disasters such as hurricanes, children are likely to experience fear and anxiety, manifested by moderate to intense periods of hyperactivity, distraction, clinging to parents, excessive talking and sometimes regression of learned behaviors such as toilet training and sleeping in their own bed.


Hurricane Survival Tips for Families

Hurricanes are considered natural disasters. In order to safeguard your family, it is essential that you prepare accordingly with information involving pre-hurricane readiness and post-hurricane recovery efforts. The information below will help you and your family cope with the realities of such an emergency.


Preparación para emergencias de inundaciones

Algunos pasos básicos para estar preparado para tormentas e inundaciones.


Un padre debidamente informado puede hacer decisiones mejores sobre el cuidado de la salud de su hijo. En el Nicklaus Children's Hospital, anteriormente Miami Children's Hospital, aspiramos a ayudar que nuestras familias sean lo más informada y familiarizadamente posible con respeto a las condiciones de sus hijos y la salud pediátrica en general. En esta sección, proveemos enlaces a una variedad de recursos que le ayudará a encontrar información de salud.

Programas Educativos Emmi

En Nicklaus Children's Hospital, anteriormente Miami Children's Hospital, la salud de su hijo es nuestra prioridad. La mayoría de las decisiones médicas de su hijo están en sus manos.  Nos esforzamos por proveerle con instrumentos que le ayudarán a sentirse seguro de sí mismo. Por ejemplo, saber como prepararse para un procedimiento quirúrgico o diagnóstico puede ser abrumador. Hay mucha información que analizar.   Por eso Nicklaus Children's Hospital, anteriormente Miami Children's Hospital, le acompaña para darle toda la información posible sobre la salud de su hijo.

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Orthopedic Surgery Program Infographic

Facts about the Orthopedic Surgery Program and Center for Spinal Disorders

8 Ways to not forget your child in the car Infographic

Heat Stroke is the leading cause of non-crash, vehicle-related deaths in children in the United States. On average, every 8 days a child dies from heatstroke in a vehicle. The following tips are reminders to prevent parents and caregivers from forgetting a child inside the car.

GiveMe5 Infographic

Read on to learn why fruits and veggies are so important and get tips on how to eat at least five servings a day!
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Sports Hydration Infographic

How much water should a kid drink while playing sports?

Healthy Tips for Kids Infographic

Healthy, happy kids grow up to be healthy, happy adults. It’s a parent’s responsibility to instill good habits early on. Read on for more healthy tips for kids about eating nutritiously, spending time outdoors, clocking enough sleep, limiting screen time and staying fit and active from childhood to adolescence and beyond.

Sugar Intake in Kids Infographic

It's no secret that kids love sugar. What's unclear is just how detrimental the sweet stuff is to your child’s health. Recent studies have found that sugar has the same effect on the brain as certain addictive drugs. The experts at Nicklaus Children's Hospital take a closer look at the harmful effect too much sugar can have on the body.

Youth Sports Injury Prevention Infographic

Are your kids playing it safe? Helping children lead physically active lifestyles is essential to their health. Explore Nicklaus Children's Hospital's best tips for keeping young athletes safe and active.