Microperforate Hymen

Also known as: Abnormal hymen development

What is microperforate hymen?

The hymen is a thin half moon layer of tissue that commonly surrounds part of the vagina in girls. If the hymen covers the entire vagina and has only one very small hole in the center of it, it is known as microperforate hymen.

What causes microperforate hymen? 

Microperforate hymen is a congenital abnormality (present at birth) of unknown cause.

What are the symptoms of microperforate hymen? 

Symptoms include periods that last longer than 4-7 days as menstrual blood has difficulty flowing out, pain, difficulty or inability to insert a tampon, and pain/bleeding during intercourse.

What are microperforate hymen care options? 

In some cases, the hymen can tear away on its own naturally over time. It can also be corrected with a minor surgical procedure.

Reviewed by: Jack Wolfsdorf, MD, FAAP

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