Also known as: urethral bleeding.

What is urethrorrhagia?

Blood in the urine is a symptom that can accompany many different medical conditions. But when a child has clear urine that is followed at the very end by bright red blood or blood in the underwear, this is known as urethrorrhagia.

What causes urethrorrhagia?

The cause of urethrorrhagia is not known.

What are the symptoms of urethrorrhagia?

In most cases, urethrorrhagia does not cause any symptoms beyond the physical symptoms that are present with the disease. It typically does not cause any pain.

What are urethrorrhagia care options?

Urethrorrhagia tends to resolve on its own over time. Drinking lots of water can dilute the urine and help speed along the healing process. When persistent or if associated with symptoms, evaluation by a pediatric urologist is needed.

Reviewed by: Rafael Gosalbez, MD

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