Spider Angiomas

Also known as: spider veins, spider nevus, nevus araneus

What are spider angiomas?

Spider angioma/s are one or more common benign abnormal clusters of blood vessels that are often visible on the skin of the face, neck, upper arms, hands, fingers and trunk. The name is derived from their spider web-like appearance (small red spider body with tiny legs).

What causes spider angiomas?

In many cases the cause of spider angiomas is unknown. When more than one is present they may be associated with liver and thyroid disease and changes in hormone levels.

What are the symptoms of spider angiomas?

Usually, spider angiomas don’t cause any problems beyond their visible appearance (most noticeably on the face). Rarely they may cause bleeding.

What are spider angioma care options?

Most spider angiomas do not require treatment. Laser therapy is usually curative.

Reviewed by: Jack Wolfsdorf, MD, FAAP

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