Ear Hemangiomas

Also known as: infantile hemangiomas, strawberry marks.

What are ear hemangiomas?

Ear hemangiomas are non-cancerous, benign tumors that are either present on the ear at birth or develop shortly after birth. They have a red or purple color and can range in size. Some can cause ear deformities.

What causes ear hemangiomas?

The exact cause of ear hemangiomas is not entirely clear. A cluster of blood vessels is the source of ear hemangiomas, but the reason that they occur in some children and not others is unknown.

What are the symptoms of ear hemangiomas?

Other than the physical symptoms of the hemangioma, they usually do not cause many symptoms. They can cause bleeding and ulceration. Some shrink over time, while others are severe and can potentially cause permanent ear deformities.

What are ear hemangiomas care options?

Medications known as beta blockers can stop the growth of ear hemangiomas. These are available in oral or topical forms. Laser therapy can be used to remove mild ear hemangiomas, and surgery is an option for more severe problems.

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