Pediatric Sickle Cell Tests and Treatments

Blood and Marrow Transplantation

The transplantation of blood or bone marrow is the procedure of transferring and replacing the hematopietic stem cells.

Blood Transfusions

A blood transfusion is when blood is infused into the body to replace missing blood.

Chronic Transfusion Therapy/Hypertransfusion Therapy

Chronic transfusion therapy is a form of blood transfusion that is repeated on a “chronic,” or regular, basis.

Complete Blood Count

A complete blood count is a common blood test that’s often taken during physicals or other medical checkups. It provides an evaluation of overall health, and also checks for certain disorders such as infection, anemia, leukemia, immune system disorders and other diseases.

Cytogenetic Testing: Routine Chromosome Analysis (Karyotype)

A chromosomal analysis or karyotyping is a test which examines the number and structure of your child's chromosomes. This test helps in the diagnosis of genetic diseases, some birth defects and certain abnormalities of the blood.

Exchange Transfusion Therapy

Exchange transfusion therapy is a form of blood transfusion in which the body’s blood is removed and replaced.

Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling is a counseling session for parents or prospective parents to help them understand their risk of passing along genes and birth defects to children.

Hydroxyurea Treatment

Hydroxyurea is a medicine that can help children and adults with sickle cell disease.

Hypertransfusion Management

Hypertransfusion management is a form of blood transfusion that’s aimed at reducing the risk of complications such as stroke in patients with sickle cell disease.

Infection Prophylaxis

Infection prophylaxis is the idea of using antibiotics and other infection-fighting medications prior to the infection occurring to help prevent it.

Iron Chelation Therapy

Iron chelation therapy is a treatment used to remove excess iron from the blood.

Simple Transfusion

A simple transfusion refers to a blood transfusion that is done without exchanging the body’s blood.

Transcranial Doppler Study

A transcranial Doppler study is an ultrasound that is used to view and examine the circulation of blood in and around the brain.