Pediatric Fractures, Scoliosis, Spine Disorders and Limb Correction Success Stories

Read inspiring stories of hope from patients and families treated at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

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Patient of the Month: Layla

When Layla was 5, she came to Nicklaus Children's Hospital with a severe case of scoliosis. To help straighten her spine, Layla spent time in halo gravity traction. While her mom returned home to Gainesville for work and school, the nurses at Nicklaus Children's took care of Layla, acting as substitute mothers and making sure she was well cared for. Read this story.

Bianca’s Journey to Being Pain Free

Bianca suffered from pain and a severe bowleg deformity for many years as a result of Blount’s disease, a growth disorder that affects the bones in children and young adults. Read this story.

Haley's Success Story

Growing up, Haley Gantt suffered from scoliosis. She had to wear a back brace to prevent her curve from worsening, but unfortunately, she was later told that a spinal fusion surgery would have to be considered because the brace had failed to prevent the curve from progressing. She fought hard and got through it. An accomplished basketball player, Haley is now on her way to playing Division II basketball for Biola University in Southern California. Read this story.

Asnay Stands Up to Cerebral Palsy

Asnay Machado is an ambitious Westland Senior High School student with dreams of becoming a lawyer one day. Asnay, who was born with cerebral palsy, recently enjoyed a boost in confidence thanks to a surgery at Nicklaus Children’s that has enabled him to stand up straight for the first time. Read this story.

Devon, Determined to Stand

At around 6 months of age, Devon's mother started noticing that he wasn't meeting his developmental milestones. By the time he was 2 years old, he was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy and his muscle development was impaired. Surgery, physical therapy, and Devon's own determination brought his quality of life beyond what his mother had initially thought possible. Read this story.

Patient of the Month: Astry

After Astry was born, her parents noticed that she wasn't progressing as babies typically do. She wasn't able to lift her head and she showed a lot of muscle weakness. Her pediatrician recommended they take her to see a neurologist, and so Astry's parents brought her to Nicklaus Children's Hospital. Read this story.

Patient of the Month: Alessandra

At age 10, Alessandra was diagnosed with scoliosis and started receiving treatment at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Read this story.

Surgery Puts Sarah Back on Track

Sarah was born with Noonan syndrome, a genetic condition that can result in spinal curvature and other abnormalities. She underwent her first surgery for scoliosis at age 13 with the Center for Spinal Disorders at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Read this story.

Maddy's Success Story

When Maddy was only 12 hours old, she was flown to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital to undergo the first of several surgeries to treat spina bifida, a congenital condition that affects the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord. Thanks to a multidisciplinary team approach, Maddy received coordinated care by an array of subspecialists.  Read this story.

Kimberly's Scoliosis Success Story

Kimberly was 14 years old when she started noticing an unevenness of her shoulders and rib cage, as well as the shortening of her torso. Her whole upper body was beginning to look disfigured, so her pediatrician referred her to the Orthopedics Department at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Read this story.

For the Love of Soccer

For some kids, playing sports is not only fun but it also a passion. For Esteban Leon, 14, soccer is always on his mind; but when he was only 10 years old, his dreams came to a halt while on the soccer field one afternoon. Read this story.

Young Boy Regains Ability to Walk

By the time he was 13, Gerard was unable to walk. He was also experiencing seizures which prevented him from attending school. Gerard required surgery in order to decompress his spinal cord and repair the bone. The doctors at Nicklaus Children's Hospital were hopeful that surgery would be successful and Gerard could regain the sensation in his legs. Read this story.

Patient of the Month: Alexis

Alexis has suffered more fractures in her short life of life than what the average person will in their entire lifetime. This is because Alexis has a very rare disease called osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as "brittle bone disease."  Read this story.

Keila's Success Story

Keila underwent spinal fusion surgery at Nicklaus Children's Hospital and feels grateful for the care and support she received during her long recovery. Read this story.

Tiffany's Success Story

Misdiagnosed several times after freak accident, until Dr. Asghar diagnosed her with a rare spinal disorder: Klippel-Feil syndrome. Read this story.

Gianna's Success Story

Gianna, spent eight days in Nicklaus Children's Hospital. Her parents speak wonders of the surgeons and nurses that tended to her daughter during that time. Read this story.

Barbara's Success Story

When Barbara was hospitalized, the hospital was called Variety Children's Hospital. She had congenital hip problems and had many operations before moving to Miami in 1953. Read this story.

Deborah's Success Story

Deborah had one leg shorter than the other. She was treated at Nicklaus Children's Hospital until she was 18 years old and can now walk on her own. Read this story.

Jennifer's Spinal Surgery Success Story

Jennifer just got hired here at Nicklaus Children's Hospital! Not only does she feel so proud and lucky, but she also feels very honored to be a part of a hospital where she had a serious back surgery done several years ago. Read this story.

Tania's Scoliosis Success Story

Tania was eight years of age when was diagnosed with scoliosis. As she grew older, it got worse and so she had surgery with one of the best doctors in Nicklaus Children's Hospital. Read this story.

Ryan's Success Story

Ryan and his cousin were throwing Chinese stars into a tree when Ryan's hand slipped and he cut his finger. The only doctor and hospital that would take Ryan (due to the intricate possible tendon injury) was Dr. Perlyn and Nicklaus Children's Hospital. Read this story.

Keith's Success Story

After having his arm set wrong twice by two different orthopedics, his parents immediately took him to Nicklaus Children's Hospital, where he received the treatment he needed. Read this story.

Victor's Success Story

Victor was at Nicklaus Children's Hospital when he was seven years old due to his broken femur bone on his left leg. He missed an entire year of first grade. Being seven years old, it was difficult for him to realize what was going on. But the staff at Nicklaus Children's Hospital were there for him every step of the way, helping him get better. Read this story.

St. Clair's Success Story

St. Clair was having trouble walking because his legs were tilting inwards, which was wearing out his joints and resulting in painful and premature arthritis. His condition progressed to a point where he could no longer play sports or even walk without pain. He was diagnosed with genu valgum, more commonly known as knock-knees. Read this story.

New 'Turbo' Limb-Lengthening Technique Helps Jalen Move Ahead

Jalen  is the first patient regionally to benefit from a new “turbo” limb lengthening procedure that reduced the length of time he wore the frame to only six weeks. Read this story.

Sebastian's Cerebral Palsy Success Story

Sebastian was diagnosed with a severe case of cerebral palsy, a condition that causes difficulty with muscle control. In Sebastian’s case, it would make it nearly impossible to pass key milestones like chewing solid foods and walking. Read this story.