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DAISY Award Winners 2007

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Yuleidi Herrera, RN October 2007 Daisy Award Recipient

October 2007 - Yuleidi Herrera, RN
Yuleidi is a patient centered nurse, who gives compassionate care to her patients.  She goes above and beyond to provide excellent care to her patients as well as other patients in the unit.  She provides excellent nursing care with empathy.  She always has a positive attitude and is loved by her patients and families, some of which come back to visit her on the floor.  She’s focused on meeting all her patient and family needs.  She’s also been the star of the month. Last but not least, she collaborates very well with her co-workers, always helping other nurses.  She’s a true team player.




Yarelis Alicea, RN Daisy Award Recipient September 2007

September 2007 - Yarelis Alicea, RN
There are many extraordinary nurses who make Emergency Nursing their passion. It takes quick thought, exemplary skills, and the ability to have compassion for brief encounters with patients and families. It takes a special nurse to have compassion that leads one to continue to offer support and counsel long after the patient and family has left the Emergency Department. It is for this type of character that I am nominating Yarelis Alicea for the DAISY Award.


Yarelis was the primary trauma nurse for a young boy who suddenly collapsed while at camp. Although unsure as to why this patient had collapsed, we were sure that he was very critical and required advanced treatment to stabilize his condition. His mother arrived to the Emergency Department unaware of the gravity of his situation. When she finally was able to see her son, he was intubated, had many IV lines, and a ventriculostomy that was draining large amounts of blood. Yarelis immediately bonded with this mother, and has been a source of support ever since.


It has been several weeks since this young boy, who left for camp walking, smiling, ended up in our Emergency Department unconscious. Yarelis has made it her point to follow his case, visiting with the mother, offering support, crying with her, being there for her as she faces a poor prognosis for her son. It shows deep compassion and commitment to the profession of nursing to go above and beyond your job requirement to offer support to a family in crisis. Yarelis showed exemplary skill during the critical hours after his arrival to the ED, and continues to show deep caring for this single mother.


It is for this reason I am submitting this nomination for the DAISY Award.




August 2007 - Anna Pelligra, RN
I would like to nominate Anna Pelligra for DAISY Award for her dedicated care to the patients and families in PICU.  On Wednesday June 20 the family of near drowning decided it was time to disconnect from life support.  After a month stay in the PICU many staff felt closeness for this family.  Dealing with death is not an easy thing to do for anyone.  In the PICU we live this moment many a times due to the severity of our patients.  On this day the family of this child decided they could not handle this moment and left their child in our hands.  Our manager Anna having felt heartfelt and tears took it upon herself to hold and rock this child until her last breaths.  Caressing her hair and blowing her kisses, and feeling warm arms was the last this child felt on this her last living day.  After this emotional event, Anna continued her day with her duties as a charge nurse.  She took an admission because there was not enough staff for the day.  Standing her strength she kept the unit running at smooth scale making sure the rest of the patients, parents, and staff was doing well.  It is hard to conceal such an event but Anna does it with strength and pride for her profession.  She is an example for others in her caring ways and her bountiful heart.



Elizabeth Woodmann, RN Daisy Award Recipient July 2007

July 2007 - Elizabeth Woodman, RN

Liz is an extremely dedicated nurse to her patients, families and staff.  She is always willing to assist patients, their families, along with her fellow employees.  She goes above and beyond what is asked of her.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the diagnosis, treatment of medications of the majority of our patients, and is willing to share this with the patient, their families and her staff.  An example of her dedication to this facility and its clients is as follows:  Liz had called out (a rare occurrence for her, she is usually always here, and always early) because her child was sick.  In the morning, after re-evaluating her child, Liz decided to come to work because she knew the floor was short-staffed.  Later that evening, during report, a family wanted to give their child a tub bath.  It was already after 8 PM, but Liz jumped up with a smile on her face and helped this family with their child. 


She is constantly thinking of ways to improve patient care in 3 south.  She is always willing to go that extra mile for everyone she is in contact with and is always striving to make patients, families and staff feel welcome when on 3 south.  She is never too busy to help the staff, answer questions from patients, families, doctors, and staff and will stay after he shift to make sure that issues are resolved.  Liz is an example of what all nurses should strive for.



Pat Dean, RN Daisy Award Recipient June 2007

June 2007 - Pat Dean, ARNP

Pat Dean has devoted her adult life and career to being a Champion for Children.  She becomes “extended family” to the children she has helped.  Every time you go to 3 south and you see Pat with one of her patients you can tell that she becomes their guardian angel and their trusted friend.  She remains at their side as they endure frightening, lengthy and sometimes painful procedures.  She is very down-to-earth; intelligent and educated, yet with an abundance of common sense and sense of humor.  She treats her patients as regular kids—not as “children with disabilities” to be pitied, or overprotected.  And, she makes sure others in the child’s life do the same.  She takes the time and effort to educate family members, medical professionals, educators, school children about epilepsy.  She not only provides epilepsy facts and first-aid education, but dispels the myths, stigma and fears that surround this neurological disorder.



Trish Maynard, RN Daisy Award Recipient May 2007

May 2007 – Trish Maynard, RN 

Trish Maynard, RN, of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit was chosen as the hospital’s DAISY Award winner for the month of May. She was nominated by Lisa Sosa, RN, Cardiovascular Unit Manager. Ms. Sosa wrote: “In the many years that I have known Trish, she has always been caring and dedicated to being a nurse. She gives all her patients and families excellent care. She listens to their needs and provides them with the information they seek and want. She is very caring with her patients. She talks to them in a kind and gentle manner. She holds the babies and rocks them when they are irritable. With one specific family, she built a special bond with mom and dad and helped them develop a bond with their dying baby. She was by their side when they needed someone to talk to and gave them the encouragement they needed.”



Diane Chafin, RN Daisy Award Recipient April 2007

April 2007 - Diane Chafin, RN

Diane Chafin, RN, of the PICU has been chosen as the hospital’s April DAISY Award recipient. Ms. Chafin was nominated by Liz Fauerbach of the Nicklaus Children's Hospital Family Advisory Council. Ms. Fauerbach wrote: “Diane is a true patient advocate. She treats every patient and family as unique individuals and just seems to know what each patient or family needs. Diane collaborates very well with the physician team, providing the physicians with valuable information and advocating on behalf of her patients. Diane goes above the call of duty to provide any assistance her patient may need.”







Ana Diaz, RN Daisy Award Recipient March 2007

March 2007 – Ana Diaz, RN

Ana Diaz, RN, LPN, of 3 Northeast was selected as the March recipient of the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Ms. Diaz was nominated by a member of the hospital’s Family Advisory Council. The nominator wrote: “Ana Diaz is an extraordinary person who demonstrates on a consistent basis her compassion, understanding and professionalism to her patients and their families. Ana works in the hematology/oncology unit, which is a department where patients are not just seen occasionally but rather on an ongoing basis. Ana gets to know her patients, not only their medical needs but also their likes and dislikes. Ana presents to her patients and their families a sense of calm and reassurance, which helps them cope with their illness.”

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