Nursing Publications

The Nursing Department at Nicklaus Children's Hospital supports, engages and empowers nurses to initiate Evidence Based Practice (EBP) process improvements and nursing research throughout the organization. Nurses across all levels are continuously encouraged to explore the most current and best practices and generate new knowledge when an identified need arises. Integration of evidence based best practices and nursing research into clinical and operational processes aligns to the Nursing Department’s commitment to provide the high quality care associated with positive patient outcomes.

2024 Nursing Publications

de Almagro, C.M., Goldin, D., Verme, J., & Carrillo, A (2024). Clinical Introduction of a Health Care Transition Roadmap for Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes. ADCES in Practice, 12(4), 16-21. doi:10.1177/2633559X241251846

Troncoso-Munoz, S. & Davis, K. (2024). Integration of Substance Use Screening Into the Electronic Health Record for Adolescent Trauma Patients: A Quality Improvement Project. Journal of Trauma Nursing, 31(2), 109-114.

2023 Nursing Publications

Blumenthal Armstrong, A., Bowman, A., Goreth, M., Trabosh, T., & Hittle Gigli, K. (2023). Career Choices and Experiences in Role Transition: A Multistate Survey of Pediatric-Focused Hospital-Based Nurse Practitioners. Journal of Pediatric Health Care, In Press(), .

Clark, B., Olen, M…et al. (2023). Current state of cardiac implantable electronic device remote monitoring in pediatrics and congenital heart disease: A PACES-sponsored quality improvement initiative. Pediatric Cardiology, 45(), 114–120.

Danielle Altares Sarik, Yui Matsuda Cecily L. Betz (2023). Baby Steps: Improving the Transition from Hospital to Home for Neonatal Patients and Caregivers Through a Nurse-Led Telehealth ProgramBaby Steps: Improving the Transition from Hospital to Home for Neonatal Patients and Caregivers Through a Nurse-Led Telehealth Program. Worldwide Successful Pediatric Nurse-Led Models of Care. Springer.

publication cover and synopsis.

Duque, C., Altares Sarik, D., Buscemi, C., & Garlesky, C. (2023). Caring for the Pediatric Patient Post-Nuss Procedure: Improving Nurses' Knowledge. Journal of Pediatric Surgical Nursing, 12(4), 105-111.

Froh, E. B., Tarasenko, L., Hayakawa, J., Patton, L., Sarik, D., & Hernandez, T. (2023). National collaborative maximizes pediatric hospital-based nurse scientist impact and resources through strategic networking. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, Advance online publication(), .

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Ramirez , J., Sarik, D.A., Matsuda, Y., & Ortiz, J. (2023). Best Practices to Support Maternal Mental Health During the Transition from Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to Home: A Scoping Review. Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America, Online Ahead of Print(), .

Rodrigues ES, Alves DF, Mendes-Castillo AM, São-João TM, Bueno GC, Hill-Rodriguez D, et al. (2023). The Humpty Dumpty Scale: Cross-culture adaptation and validation for Brazilian culture. Acta Paul Enferm, 36(), .

Sandoval, J., Hooshmand, M., & Altares Sarik, D. (2023). Beating Burnout with Project D.E.A.R.: Debriefing Event for Analysis and Recovery. Nurse Leader,

Sarik, D., Matsuda, Y., Garber, K., Hernandez, M., & Terrel, E. (2023). Perspectives on Telehealth Use with the Neonatal Population: Policy, Practice, and Implementation Considerations. Critical Care Nursing Clinics, Advance online publication(), .

2022 Nursing Publications

Altares Sarik, D., Hill-Rodriguez, D., Gattamorta, K., Gonzalez, J., Esteves, J., Zamora, K., & Cordo, J. (2022). The revised Humpty Dumpty Fall Scale: An update to improve tool performance and predictive validity. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 67(), 34-37. doi:

Blumenthal, A., Hittle, K., Trabosh, T., Bowman, A., & Goreth, M. (2022). Career Choices and Experiences in Role Transition: A Multi-state Survey of Pediatric-focused Hospital-based Nurse Practitioners. Journal of Pediatric Health Care,

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Matsuda, Y., Valdes, B., Salani, D.A., Foronda, C.L., & Sarik, D.A. (2022). Baby Steps Program: Telehealth Nursing Simulation for Undergraduate Public Health Nursing Students. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 65(), 35-44. doi:

Olen, M. M., Dechert, B. E., Foster, A., Kanter, R. J., Silka, M. J., & Shah, M. J (2022). Variations in cardiac implantable electronic device surveillance and ancillary testing in the paediatric and congenital heart disease population: an international multi-centre survey from the Paediatric and Congenital Electrophysiology Society. Cardiology in the Young, 32(1), 101–105.

Payson, A., Pulido, A., San Ma, S., Garlesky, C., Garcia, E., Reyes, C., Reyes, M., & Leyenaar, J. (2022). Inequities in Pain Assessment and Care of Hospitalized Children With Limited English Proficiency. Hospital Pediatrics, Online ahead of print(), .

Poyen, A. & Altares Sarik, D. (2022). The Role of Pediatric Patient Education on Nurse-Perceived Medical Traumatic Stress on a Surgical Unit. Pediatric Nursing, In Press.(), .

Sarik et al (2022). A telehealth nursing intervention to improve the transition from the neonatal intensive care unit to home for infants & caregivers: Preliminary evaluation. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, Volume 67(), 139-147.

A telehealth nursing intervention to improve the transition from the neonatal intensive care unit to home for infants & caregivers: Preliminary evaluation


The purpose of this nurse-led telehealth intervention was to support caregivers and infants during the difficult period of transition from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to home.s.

The Baby Steps project was designed using quality improvement methodology, and was implemented in April 2020 at a stand-alone pediatric institution in South Florida. Using a nurse-led telehealth model, follow-up nursing care was provided in the home setting for two weeks after discharge. Any infant cared for in the NICU and discharged to a home setting in the state of Florida was eligible for services. Encounters included assessment, anticipatory guidance, connection with community resources, and general support. Caregiver satisfaction, unplanned emergency care use, and 30-day readmissions were assessed.


2021 Nursing Publications

Bessoff, K. E., Han, R. W., Cho, M., Stroud, M., Urrechaga, E. M., Thorson, C. M., Russell, K. W., Rohan, A., Acker, S. N., Swain, S., Malvezzi, L., Fuchs, J. R., & Chao, S. D. (2021). Epidemiology of pediatric trauma during the COVID-19 pandemic shelter in place. Surgery Open Science, 6(), 5-9.

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2020 Nursing Publications

Pasaron, R./ B. Bolick, K. Reuter-Rice, M. Madden, and P. Severin (2020). The Name of the Chapter. Appendicitis in Pediatric acute care: A guide for interprofessional practice 2nd Edition. St Louis, MO: Elsevier.

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Taylor, T., Altares Sarik, D., Salyakina, D. (2020). Development and validation of a web-based pediatric readmission risk assessment tool . Hospital Pediatrics, 10(3), 246-256.

2019 Nursing Publications

Lopez, E., Gonzalez, J., Cordo, J., Janvier-Anglade, M., & Fitzpatrick, T. (2019). EntrepreNurses: Nursing's evolving role in innovation strategy. Nursing Economic$, 37(3), 159-164.

2018 Nursing Publications

Altares Sarik, D., Winterhalter, M., & Calamaro, C. (2018). Improving the transition from hospital to home for clinically complex children. Pediatric Nursing Journal, 44(6), .

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2017 Nursing Publications

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2016 Nursing Publications

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2015 Nursing Publications

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2014 Nursing Publications

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2013 Nursing Publications

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2012 Nursing Publications

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2011 Nursing Publications

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