Nursing Education & Professional Development Innovations

Nicklaus Children's Health System offers Nursing Scholarship opportunities to support nurses in innovating and improving the nursing practice. Some of the programs offered include:

DART Simulation

In 2018, Nicklaus Children's Health System developed a hybrid simulation and mock code approach to nursing education and validation of cardiac specialty competencies using the DART Sim™ application in the CICU setting. 

DART Sim is a mobile teaching software that can be installed onto a tablet or smartphone, with functions including cardio-respiratory monitoring, defibrillation and cardioversion, capnography, 12 Lead EKG and X-rays. It can be used with traditional CPR mannequins, making it portable and cost-effective. A simulation can be set up within the unit in minutes with an iPad, Apple TV, and a mannequin.

DART Simulations promote interdisciplinary and peer-to-peer interaction, which and aligns with Magnet culture. 

Escape Room/Creative Education

To enhance knowledge and engagement through education, the clinical education team leads an annual Nursing Skills Fair. During the Fair, education is provided in different modalities, such as gaming techniques, verbal instruction, hands-on demonstration, case scenarios, and role-play. Recently, the clinical education team created an escape room method, where participants had to unlock codes by answering questions based on case scenarios to advance to the next session. 

Elsevier's Nursing Skills

Nicklaus Children's Health System nurses have access to Elsevier's Nursing Skills. Elsevier's offers nurses and nurse educators the convenience of online access to evidence-based skills and procedures. Easily accessed from Nicklaus Children's Health System's portal, Elsevier's content provides nurses with resources and insight from leading nursing societies. Elsevier's is updated continuously to reflect the latest in evidence-based practice.

Pediatric Human Patient Simulator

Nicklaus Children's Hospital has a Pediatric Human Patient Simulator lab on-site, which provides training to nursing, clinical and medical staff. The lab is managed and run by nurses. Simulations include a variety of situations that nurses may face as they care for pediatric patients. In the interactive simulator lab, nurses and other healthcare professionals can enhance their clinical skills and become more comfortable responding to emergency situations - all in a non-threatening environment. Opportunities to utilize the lab begin during the orientation process.