nursing students

Nursing Clinical Rotations and Practicums

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital takes pride on investing time to develop the nursing profession and continuing education for all nurses and future nurses. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital recognizes the importance of providing clinical opportunities to ensure nursing excellence and the delivery of safe quality care.

Nursing Student Orientation

We would like to take this opportunity to commend you for taking on this great journey as a future nurse and choosing Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for your clinical rotation and practicum experience. During your time at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, you will gain a valuable and worthwhile experience with our nursing staff. We value your dedication to the nursing profession and wish you the best while you are on campus and in your journey as a future nurse.

Before you Begin

You must be approved by your college or university to do your clinical rotation or practicum at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Clinical rotations and practicum are approved only if they are done as part of your nursing program.
Please have your school placement coordinator contact the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Student Coordinator to proceed with your request

Start of Approval Process:

Please review the manual below and submit the completed assessment to your clinical instructor or clinical placement coordinator prior to starting your rotation. The approval process takes 10 business days to complete. Your school will submit all the required documents on your behalf to start the approval process.
  1. NCHS Student Orientation Manual
  2. NCHS Student Assessment

After Approval is Confirmed:

  1. You must ensure to always sign-in and out with your assigned NCHS #, when doing your clinical hours.
  2. Wear your school student ID at all times.
  3. Wear clean school approved uniform.
  4. Follow all the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital policies outlines in the Student Orientation Manual.
  5. Review Nursing Student Experience Expectation with your clinical instructors on your first day of clinicals.
  6. Review and sign the Practicum Nursing Student Preceptor Checklist if completing a Nursing Practicum Rotation at NCHS.