Nursing Recognition and Rewards

Nursing recognition at Nicklaus Children's Hospital is designed with the ongoing goal of empowerment in nursing through the leadership and dedication of the staff to nursing excellence.

Various employee recognitions are given to staff throughout the year for their consistent dedication to excellence. Some of the various recognitions are:

  • Daisy Awards
  • Certified Nurses Breakfast
  • Blue Chip Service Excellence award
  • Going the Extra Mile campaign
  • President’s award, Lean Recognition
  • Employee Service Awards
  • Star of the Month
  • Wow Announcements
  • MCHS Way recognition
  • Nurses of the year awards

The departmental recognition programs help to engage employees as well as our patients and family members to recognize each other on a unit level.

The Daisy Award

The Daisy Award is a national recognition award that was created to say thank you to nurses who do super-human work and focus on the aspect of comfort for patients and families. Recipients of the Daisy Award are given a Healer’s Touch statue, a Daisy award pin, and an assigned parking spot for the month. Cinnabons are also provided to the winning nurse’s unit as an appreciation to the entire team for their hard work. In addition to the honor of being recognized by fellow colleagues and/or patients and families, Nicklaus Children's Hospital has several rewards to further incentivize the staff for their dedication to the entire hospital. Rewards for receiving one of the many prestigious recognitions here at Nicklaus Children's Hospital range from a luncheon with senior leadership, to plaques, medallions, coffee mugs, raffle tickets, movie tickets, iPads, and more. Recognition is shared with the MCHS family via emails, unit based recognition boards, and our internal hospital portal or website. Overall, Nicklaus Children's Hospital employees feel engaged and appreciated.

Compensation Rewards

  • Aim for Professional & Educational Excellence (APEX): the nursing professional ladder that provides staff nurses across all settings with a professional development and monetary incentive to go above and beyond in their practice, education, and professionalism. Nurses are given points in a variety of categories to promote nursing professionalism including: education, professionalism, clinical skills, experience, certification, special projects and councils. These points are accumulated during the nurse’s annual evaluation as one of the components on performance appraisal and merit increases.
  • Success Sharing: an employee incentive plan to drive service and clinical excellence. Nicklaus Children's Hospital rewards employees when the hospital achieves its performance targets for patient satisfaction and clinical excellence