Patients, Families & Global Community

Mission Statement

To inspire hope and promote lifelong health by providing the best care to every child.


We will be where the children are, providing comfort through exceptional nursing care.


The philosophy of Nursing at Nicklaus Children's Hospital reflects the vision and values of our organization. We support an environment that promotes professional nursing practice, which emphasizes several key principles:

  • The delivery of patient care is guided by comfort principles, family centered, and family directed care.
  • Each patient is unique and an integral part of a family unit.
  • The delivery of patient care ensures respect for the dignity, values, religious and cultural norms of our children and families.

Nicklaus Children's Hospital Values & Guiding Behaviors

At Nicklaus Children's Hospital, our values and guiding behaviors define how we work together for our patients and families. We have created six statements that reflect our values. Each one has examples of the behaviors that are representative of the value. We call these our values & guiding behaviors. We commit to live, talk and promote these values & guiding behaviors, provide one another with feedback and coaching with respect to the values, and ensure we have observable and consistent progress toward these values being a way of life for all of us at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

  • We Collaborate.
  • We take Responsibility.
  • We Empower employees to take initiative in making the best decisions for child and family.
  • We Advocate.
  • We are Transformational, constantly inspiring valuable and positive change.
  • We are Empathic while serving the child and family.