Orthopedic Surgery Program Infographic

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Free EKG Screening for Student Athletes
08/17/2017 — Every 3 days, the life of a young athlete is lost due to sudden cardiac death. Usually, there are no advanced signs or symptoms. But the saddest part is that it's entirely preventable. A simple EKG screenig can detect heart problems before it's too late. Miami Children's Hospital is offering this invaluable test free of charge to middle and high school sports participants.
Imaging machine helps diagnosis children with scoliosis with low exposure to radiation
08/02/2017 — EOS imaging helps diagnose kids with scoliosis and with low exposure to radiation.
Magnetic Growing Rods Treatment for Scoliosis | Innovations in Pediatric Healthcare
06/09/2017 — Pediatric Spine Surgeon, Dr. John Asghar MD, talks about new developments in the technology of growing rods to treat children with scoliosis.

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