Ankle/Foot Fractures

Also known as: broken foot, broken ankle.

What are ankle/foot fractures?

When one or more of the bones in the foot or the ankle breaks, this is known as an ankle or foot fracture. They can vary greatly in severity depending on what area of the foot or ankle is impacted.

What causes ankle/foot fractures?

Many accidents or injuries can lead to ankle/foot fractures, including:

  • falls
  • vehicle accidents
  • impacts during sports participation
  • even just putting your foot down wrong.

What are the symptoms of ankle/foot fractures?

Pain, bruising, swelling, tenderness, trouble walking, difficulty wearing shoes and a foot or ankle that are visibly deformed are all common symptoms of ankle/foot fractures.

What are ankle/foot fracture care options?

Casts are a common treatment for ankle/foot fractures in order to immobilize the foot so the bones can heal.

Removable braces or shoes may be sufficient for more minor fractures. And more severe fractures may require surgery and the insertion of plates, screws or pins to hold the bones together while they heal.

Reviewed by: Craig J Spurdle, MD

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