Leg Bracing

Also known as: orthopedic leg bracing, bracing, leg braces.

What is leg bracing?

Braces are medical devices that can be used to immobilize and support a sprained or fractured body part, typically an arm or leg. They may be a readily available item off the shelf or prescribed by a health care provider.

Some leg braces are simple sleeves that are tightened or loosened using Velcro straps, while others feature metal supports and hinges that promote safe leg movements.

They are less supportive to an injury than a typical cast but easier to use.

What happens during the treatment?

With fracture bracing, the sprained or fractured limb is secured within the brace. Then, the straps are tightened and secured in order to immobilize the affected limb and promote healing.

Is any special preparation needed?

No special preparation is needed in order to use a brace.

What are the risk factors?

It’s possible to aggravate an existing sprain or fracture if a brace is used improperly or is not sufficient to immobilize the injury for healing. 

Reviewed by: Avi Baitner, MD

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