PRECICE Nail for Limb Lengthening

Also known as: magnetic lengthening nail, PRECICE, limb lengthening.

What is the PRECICE nail for limb lengthening?

The PRECICE nail is a magnetic lengthening nail that is used for correction of limb length discrepancies and deformity. Unlike traditional limb lengthening techniques which rely on external fixators, the PRECICE nail is an all-internal technique that provides early return of motion, less scarring, and better patient tolerance.

What happens during the procedure?

A surgery is performed to place a metal rod (nail) inside the affected bone.  This is done through multiple small incisions. The patient then uses a handheld magnetic transducer over the nail, which turns a motor inside the nail resulting in gradual limb lengthening over several weeks.

Is any special preparation needed?

Not all patients are candidates for this technique, depending on age and deformity. Your surgeon will obtain multiple radiographs, examine your joint stability, and identify and risk factors that you may have before deciding whether this technique is appropriate.

Reviewed by: Scott J Schoenleber, MD

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