Pediatric Fracture & Fracture Treatment

Nicklaus Children's is South Florida’s leader in treating children with broken bones. The Department of Orthopedics manages more than 4,000 pediatric fractures each year.

Why does my child need a pediatric orthopedist?

Children who are still growing should be under the care of a pediatric orthopedist for treatment of broken arms, broken legs or other fractures. A pediatric orthopedist can coordinate ongoing care when a growth plate in a limb is affected by the fracture and provide complete treatment for the injury.

Emergency Care for Fractures in Children

The Nicklaus Children's Emergency Department is one of only a few places in South Florida that provides comprehensive care for pediatric fracture injuries in a single visit. Children with fractures leave the hospital with a cast already in place.

Many area emergency services merely stabilize the injury and refer the child to an orthopedist for casting. At Nicklaus Children's, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in pediatric orthopedic care is always on call. All on-call physicians are fellowship trained in pediatric orthopedics. Children with fractures leave the hospital with a cast already in place, not simply a splint and a referral to an orthopedist for casting as one finds at most regional hospitals. Families leave knowing the next time they see a doctor it will be for follow-up care, not additional emergency treatment.

Follow Up Care for Fractures in Children

The Department of Orthopedics also conducts daily fracture clinics for follow up care for children who are healing after breaking a bone in the leg, arm or other location. The department has a strong interest in pediatric fracture management and is always working to stay ahead of the curve as evidence by the continuing research, education and publications in which the department participates.

All of this is among the many reasons that the program is consistently ranked among the best pediatric orthopedic programs in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.