Knee Fractures

Also known as: kneecap fractures, patella fractures, patellar fractures, broken knee.

What are knee fractures?

A knee fracture is a broken bone in or around the knee joint. This can involve the kneecap (patella), or the tibia (shin bone) or femur (thighbone) where they join with the knee.

What causes knee fractures?

Most knee fractures are caused by a direct blow to the knee. Falling on the knee or car accidents are common causes. Muscle contractions can also cause knee fractures in rare instances.

What are the symptoms of knee fractures?

Extreme pain, swelling, bruising and being unable to straighten the knee or walk are common symptoms of knee fractures.

What are knee fracture care options?

Some knee fractures can be treated with a cast or brace to hold the knee in position while it heals. More severe fractures will require surgery and the placement of plates, screws, tension bands or other devices to stabilize the knee while the bone heals.

Reviewed by: Annie L Casta, MD

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