Nicklaus Children's Hospital 60th Celebration Event Video

When the late Ambassador David M. Walters granddaughter was diagnosed with leukemia, no hospital here could adequately treat her. After the disease claimed her life in 1970, the Ambassador vowed he would find a way to fund a world-class pediatric hospital here, so no child need leave South Florida in search of superior medical care.

Spurred by community needs and his vision, the Ambassadors personal tragedy led to the establishment of Miami Childrens Hospital Foundation. Its mission: expand the hospitals pediatric services through new specializations and advanced technology.

As one of the largest donors to Nicklaus Childrens Hospital, the foundation remains committed to funding the world-class care envisioned by Ambassador Walters.

Today, Nicklaus Childrens Hospital is home to many of the worlds most renowned physicians, surgeons and researchers, and the work of the foundation continues to provide the financial support they need to perform miracles every day. The foundation continues to provide awareness and funds that will help support the next 60 years of pediatric excellence in healthcare for all children in need. If you would like to know more about Nicklaus Childrens Hospital Foundation and how you can help support the next 60 years of pediatric excellence, please log onto or call 305-666-2889.

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