3D Printed Human Hearts

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s Heart Institute utilizes medical 3D printing technology to create models of actual human hearts. The 3D printed organs have created an opportunity for more efficient pre-surgical planning, allowing doctors to analyze and even see inside the complex structures of the heart. 

How medical 3D printing works

3D printing in hospitals uses CT, CAT, and MRI scans to take images of the heart. Those visuals are then uploaded to a 3D printer that constructs an exact replica of the heart from resins, thermoplastics, photopolymers or other materials. Because every heart is different, the 3D printed heart allows surgeons to familiarize themselves with the unique structures of the exact hearts they will be operating on.

The Heart Institute

The Heart Institute at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is a world leader in pediatric cardiology. We offer the most innovative approaches to cardiovascular surgery, providing our young patients with the most effective and least invasive solutions available. 

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