Fetal Cardiology Program

Designed for the needs of families whose babies are suspected of having heart disease or congenital heart defects.

newborn baby in intesive care
newborn baby in intesive care
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The Fetal Cardiology Program at Nicklaus Children's Hospital is designed to address the needs of families whose babies are suspected of having heart disease discovered via a prenatal ultrasound or are diagnosed with congenital heart disease by fetal echocardiography. Our goal is to improve the care of infants with congenital heart disease through perinatal diagnosis, prenatal planning, post-natal care and follow-up after birth and throughout the child's life.

The Fetal Cardiology Program provides high-quality fetal echocardiograms to families and fetal MRI to expectant families. Additionally, the program offers second opinions to support our referring cardiologists and referring physicians. The program supports families through written literature, consultations with other health care providers and social workers, tours of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) and the opportunity to meet key members of the care team.

A fetal cardiology nurse coordinator is available to coordinate care through every step of the journey from the prenatal testing phase, through delivery, post-delivery care and beyond.  We encourage and assist with the comprehensive coordination of care between specialties such as Pediatric Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, the Fetal Care Center, Genetics and Neonatology, as well as pediatricians and pediatric cardiologists within the community.

Specialized Fetal Cardiology Programs

Treatments and Procedures

  • Laboratory Bloodwork
  • Fetal Ultrasound

Treatments and Procedures

A Team Approach to Care

The Fetal Cardiology Team also includes:

  • Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgeons
  • Pediatric Interventional Cardiologists and Electrophysiologists
  • Cardiac Intensivists for the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
  • Dedicated Heart Institute Social Workers
  • Advanced Nurse Practitioners
  • Certified Fetal Sonographers
  • Pediatric Cardiac MRI and Fetal MRI specialists
featured patient photo.
featured patient photo.

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When she was just 18 weeks pregnant, Micheleen, learned that her baby would be born with a congenital heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS), in which the left side of the heart is severely underdeveloped, as well as a cleft palate and cleft lip.
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