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Safe Kids Miami Dade County

Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, Injury Prevention Programs

Lead Organization for Dade County SAFE KIDS Coalition 

The Dade County SAFE KIDS Coalition is comprised of public, private and voluntary organizations united and committed to identify and significantly reduce unintentional deaths and injuries to the children of South Florida.  We respond to the needs of our community by providing professional education, practical training programs, and legislative initiatives essential to promote the safety and wellbeing of our children.

Bicycle Safety - children are properly fitted for bicycle helmets which are provided to them through events at local schools and events in the community by trained personnel.

Bike Rodeos – fun, interactive activities help children learn safe bicycle skills.  Using a fully equipped trailer the rodeos are available for use at schools, boy and girl scout troops, churches and at other community events.

Pedestrian Safety – children are taught street signs and their significance, techniques for safe street crossing and the importance of obeying pedestrian laws. 

Child Passenger Safety – parents and guardians are taught proper installation of child restraint devices, state laws and best practice regarding transportation of minors by Certified Car Passenger Safety Technicians. Child passenger safety check events are held through out the community as well as in a fully equipped safety station at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital. Child restraint devices are made available.

Special Needs Occupant Protection Program - promotes injury prevention and advocates for the safety and protection of all children with special needs and their families while riding in motor vehicles. Specialized trained hospital personnel are available for consults.

Fire Prevention – children are taught about preventing accidental fires, handling fire and smoke emergencies. Smoke detectors distributed and made available at a cost.

Water Safety – children are taught safety rules, dangers in and around water and what to do in case of emergencies through role playing. Participate in the Southeast Florida Water Injury Prevention Coalition.

Violence Prevention – participate with other local agencies in addressing possible triggers and teach responsible and safe resolution to conflict.

Poison Prevention – educate parents and guardians to identify and properly store materials that my pose hazards to children, and others.  Raise awareness of Poison Control hot lines and their role in preventing further injuries.

Sport Safety - support local coaches of sport organizations and schools by providing education to students regarding safety devices and their proper use while engaging in sports and physical activities.

Fall Prevention – identify possible dangers and promote prevention methods

Health Fairs – provide volunteers, written materials, safety devises and injury prevention information to various agencies and community groups.
For more information please call (305) 663-6800.

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