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Patient of the Month: Grethell

abril 30, 2024 – Grethell had a large and extremely rare tumor under her jaw that required surgical resection. Thankfully, Adilia, Grethell's mother, found Nicklaus Children's Hospital and from Nicaragua, they made the journey for treatment. 

El inspirador viaje de Logan: Un gran avance en el tratamiento del cáncer pediátrico

abril 30, 2024 – Conozca a Logan, de 8 años, y su viaje luchando contra una leucemia mieloide aguda recidivante, que dio resultados pioneros en el tratamiento del cáncer pediátrico.

El Centro Integral de Epilepsia de Nicklaus Children’s Hospital ha sido reacreditado por la NAEC

abril 16, 2024 – El Centro Integral de Epilepsia de Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, que forma parte del Instituto del Cerebro, ha sido reacreditado como centro de epilepsia de nivel 4 para 2024-2025 por la NAEC (Asociación Nacional de Centros de Epilepsia).

Advanced, Personalized Care for Children with Thyroid Cancer

febrero 19, 2024 – Although a rare type of pediatric cancer, thyroid cancer in children is on the rise. The multidisciplinary team in the thyroid cancer program at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is dedicated to providing advanced, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options while offering families support every step of the way.