Una cura del cáncer para Kira

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Baby Girl Thriving Thanks to Investigational Treatment for Brain Tumors

junio 09, 2021 – Bruna was diagnosed with a rapidly growing brain tumor, called a ganglioglioma, when she was only three months old. Her parents worked tirelessly to find the care she needed in Bolivia where they live. Despite many obstacles, they were connected to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, where a clinical trial for ganglioglioma is underway.

Deja's Story

junio 07, 2021 – Deja was diagnosed with sickle cell disease at birth due to both parents having the sickle cell trait. Throughout all her life, Deja has been receiving treatment for her condition. She currently visits Nicklaus Children's every few months, where she is admitted for a few days for pain management, and to help prevent further complications.

Dr. Khatib to receive Excellence Clinical Teaching Award

abril 12, 2021 – We are happy to share that Dr. Ziad Khatib, Director of the Neuro Oncology Program at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has been selected to receive an Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award in Pediatrics from the Florida International University - Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine.

Día Nacional del Superviviente de Cáncer 2019

junio 03, 2019 – Los pacientes del Centro de Cáncer y Trastornos de la Sangre de Nicklaus Children’s se reunieron con sus médicos y enfermeros para un día de diversión en familia con el fin de celebrar la vida en el Día Nacional del Superviviente de Cáncer.