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“When I was born in 1974, my pediatrician told my parents that I had a heart problem. I was admitted to Variety Children Hospital for testing and stayed for two weeks. The doctors and staff were very kind to my family. After testing, the doctors determined that I was healthy. My parents barely slept the next 2 years worried I would never wake up again. I returned to Variety two years later for a check up and they told my mom that there was nothing wrong with me. I am 35 years old now.

Four years ago when my daughter was born, she had jaundice and was admitted to the Nicklaus Children's Hospital NICU for 36 hours.  The Nicklaus Children's Hospital staff and doctors were my rock and my sanity. Because of them and their kindness towards my daughter and my family, I am here today telling you these stories. In my opinion, there is no better hospital than Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital.”

Cristina - Coral Gables, Florida

In Depth Tour of The Heart Program
Take an in-depth tour and meet the team members that make up the Nicklaus Children's Heart Program.
Heart Program Virtual Visit
For more information about The Heart Program at Nicklaus Children's Hospita or to make an appointment, please call (305) 662-8301.

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