Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Also known as: CGM.

What is a continuous glucose monitoring?

Many people with diabetes have to check their blood glucose several times a day. Continuous glucose monitoring provides nearly constant blood glucose levels (measured every 5 minutes) through a device that is implanted on the body.

What happens during the procedure?

A small sensor is inserted under the skin on the belly or arm. This sensor measures blood glucose in the fluid between cells. The information is sent to a data receiver with a display that provides your current blood glucose level, as well as historical information on past levels. Depending on the device, the information may be viewable on your smartphone or your insulin pump if it is compatible.

Is any special preparation needed?

No special preparation is needed for continuous glucose monitoring.

What are the risk factors?

The only risk is the possibility of inaccurate readings. Patients may need to test their blood glucose in the traditional manner (via fingerstick) occasionally to check the accuracy of the continuous glucose monitor. Calibration may be required based upon the CGM device that you are using. We also recommend that if the blood glucose on your CGM does not make sense to double check with a fingerstick blood glucose.

Reviewed by: Joshua W Tarkoff, MD

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