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#Jaydenstrong: Two Nicklaus Children’s Nurses Find Hope and Healing for Their Ailing Son

octubre 22, 2021 – Dayse and Oscar Delgado are two registered nurses that worked at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for more than 25 years providing care for many children. They had always had the role of care providers until September 2020, when their 2-year-old son Jayden experienced his first seizure. Suddenly they found themselves seeking out the services of the hospital where they had dedicated their careers.

Bebé se recupera gracias a un tratamiento en investigación contra los tumores cerebrales

junio 09, 2021 – Bruna fue diagnosticada con un tumor cerebral de rápido crecimiento, llamado ganglioglioma, cuando tenía tan solo tres meses de edad. Sus padres trabajaron incansablemente para encontrar la atención que necesitaba en Bolivia, país donde viven. A pesar de muchos obstáculos, estaban en contacto con Nicklaus Children’s Hospital en Miami, donde se está llevando a cabo un ensayo clínico para el ganglioglioma.

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center Designated a Level 4 Epilepsy Center by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers

abril 18, 2022 – Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center has been reaccredited as a level 4 epilepsy center for 2022-23 by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC). It is one of few pediatric epilepsy centers in the state designated as level 4.

Research on revolutionary technology for incisionless treatment of brain tumors

diciembre 03, 2021 – It sounds like a medical protocol straight out of a science fiction movie: A brain tumor neatly eliminated with an incisionless form of surgery. Five patients have undergone MR guided focused ultrasound at Nicklaus Children's with favorable results. Most were able to return home soon after their surgeries with reduced seizures and symptoms.