Salvando a Teegan: Desde Minnesota hasta Miami en búsqueda de la esperanza

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Baby Alia
Alia is one of the smallest babies to undergo open-heart surgery and one of the tiniest in the world to survive and thrive after her complex operation. Baby Alia faced several life-threatening problems when she was born three months early, creating unique new challenges even for veteran congenital heart surgeon, Dr. Redmond Burke.
Paciente del mes: Lavondre
A las tres semanas de vida, al bebé Lavondre le diagnosticaron una comunicación interventricular (VSD), lo que significa que tenía un orificio en la pared que separa las cavidades inferiores derecha e izquierda del corazón, y que debía ser operado para sobrevivir.

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Nicklaus Children's Innovates with Latest Immersive Technology to Support Planning of Congenital Heart Procedures and Medical Education
Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is taking a lead globally in using the latest immersive technology to advance surgical care planning, and patient education. The hospital’s Cardiovascular Surgery Advanced Projects Laboratory (CSAPL) is now using emerging mixed reality technology to support planning of complex congenital heart procedures and help patient families visualize how the surgical team will conduct repairs. The technology is also being used to support clinical classroom learning in association with medical education partners.

Nicklaus Children's Hospital's Heart Program Renamed to Heart Institute
The Heart Program at Nicklaus Children's Hospital is changing its name to the Heart Institute, a name that conveys its commitment and dedication to offering the next level of clinical care to children and families everywhere.