Quality Improvement

Nicklaus Children's Hospital GME Department has a structured Quality Improvement (QI) Curriculum for Residents, Fellows, and faculty development for faculty mentors. Trainees are expected to engaged in a self-generated and designed QI project during their training. The QI projects may follow PDSA, LEAN, Six Sigma, or other widely established QI methodologies. Trainees document their projects on a QI Project Documentation Form. Projects are presented in a QI forum using a QI Reporting Template and at the end of the academic year in the Annual Residents' and Fellows' Scholarship Day.

Below is a listing of the 2015-2016 Fellows' QI projects completed:

Increasing rates of enrollment for Nexplanon and assessing barriers among adolescents to LARC methods Nitika Dhir, MD
Loretta Duggan, MD
Adol Med Fellows
Metee Comkornruecha, MD
Improving EKG sports screening false-positive rates Michael Fundora, MD
Michael Lopez, MD
Ped Cardiology Fellows
Anthony Rossi, MD
Improving the efficiency of sign out with a sign-out tool Aecha Ybarra, MD
Daniel Duarte, MD
Ped Cardiology Fellows
Darline Santana, MD
Improving Pediatric Residents' Knowledge on Epinephrine Autoinjector Administration Hanadys Ale, MD
Allergy-Immunology Fellow
Vivian Hernandez-Trujillo,  MD
Decreasing the Use of Computer Tomography in Identifying Children with Low Risk Blunt Abdominal Injury Carmelle Romain, MD
Ped Surgery Fellow
Cathy A. Burnweit, MD
Colin Knight, MD
Reduction in Trauma CT Time-in-Scanner Doreen Benary, MD
Ped Emergency Medicine Fellow
Lynn Model, MD
Ped Surgery Fellow
Michelle Blumstein, MD
Fuad AlKhoury, MD
Ureteral stent tracker AR Abd-el-Barr, MD
Natalia Ballesteros, MD
Ped Urology Fellows
Miguel Castellan, MD
Andrew Labbie, MDMarc Linares, MD
Improving post-op neurosurgical sign outs prior to arrival to PICU Luis Lee, MD
Alexander Ortega, MD
Ped Critical Care Fellows
Fernando Beltramo, MD
Powerplan for Diabetes Insipidus Sushil Devarashetty, MD
Ped Critical Care Fellow
Bala Totapally, MD
Reducing excessive variability in infant sepsis evaluation Ronald Vasquez , MD
Ped Emergency Med Fellow
Barbara Pena, MD

Veronica Etinger, MD
Standardization of Classification and Management of Pediatric Patients with Acute Gastroenteritis and Volume Depletion Naiomi Cohen, MD
Ronald Vasquez, MD
Ped Emergency Medicine Fellows
Christie de la Vega, MD Pediatric Academic Hospitalist Fellow
Juan Lopez de Alda, MD
Elizabeth MacIntyre, MD
Ana Ruiz-Castaneda, MD
Pediatric Residents
Luis Perez-Burnes, MD
Pneumonia Guidelines Adherence Isamar Sosa, MD
Charles Suastegui, MD
Ped Emergency Medicine Fellows
Marc Linares, MD