GME Committee (GMEC)

The Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) is responsible for the oversight of the GME programs. The Committee meets monthly.


GMEC members are comprised of voting members (Training Program Directors, Teaching Faculty, GME Institutional Administrative Director, Institutional Administrative Director of Risk & Quality, Safety & Innovation, and peer-selected Resident and Fellow Representatives), Chief Residents, non-voting Administrators (Ex-Officio member (CCO), Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO), Legal Counsel, VP for Ethics and Compliance, and Research Institute Director) and non-voting guests (Program Coordinators).

Resident and Fellow Representatives

GMEC Housestaff Reps are elected by their peers and have voting rights

  • Residents Class Reps (3 per class) occupy two seats per class for quorum purposes
  • Fellows' rep each occupy a seat

GMEC Attendance & Representation Expectations

Each of the Voting categories representation is expected to attend a minimum of 50% of the meetings annually. These categories include:

  • Individual training program leadership representation
  • A minimum of one resident & one fellow representation from the pool of selected representatives
  • A minimum of one teaching faculty member from a different department of program than the specialty training program
  • Quality improvement / Patient Safety Director/ Leader or Designee

Each co-representative pair occupy one slot (some with alternate)

A quorum is achieved when there is a minimum of 15 voting members present (1 +14) whereby the 14 members meet the following categories (unless excused) – 50% attendance for the total meetings per academic year is expected:

  • Minimum of 10 program directors/ Associate Program Director representing 50% of the training programs
  • Minimum of 2 trainees (1 resident and 1 fellow) from the pool of peer-selected member trainees
  • Minimum of 1 faculty from outside the specialty programs represented
  • Minimum of 1 Quality Improvement/Patient Safety representative
Co-Representative Co-Representative
Rani Gereige, MD, MPH
Chair; Executive Director of Medical Education
Designated Institutional Official (DIO)
DEI Physician Lead
Beatriz Cunill, MD
Vice Chair; GMEC
Director, Pediatric Core Program
Beatriz Cunill, MD
Director, Pediatric Core Program
Maria Behnam-Terneus, DO
Associate Prog Director, Pediatric Core Program
Mark Gabay, DO
Associate Prog Director, Pediatric Core Program
Bala Totapally, MD
Director, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Program
Michael Leoncio, DO
Associate Director, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Program
Metee Comkornruecha, MD
Director, Adolescent Medicine Program
Jason Katz, MD
Director, Pediatric Cardiology Program
Michael Lopez, MD
Associate Director, Pediatric Cardiology Program
Vincenzo Maniaci, MD
Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Program
Luis Caicedo Oquendo, MD
Director, Pediatric Gastroenterology Program
Alisa Muniz-Crim, MD
Interim Associate Director, Pediatric Gastroenterology Program
Melissa Clemente, MD
Director, Pediatric Hospital Medicine Program
Maria Behnam-Terneus, DO
Associate Director, Pediatric Hospital Medicine Program
Marytery Fajardo, MD
Director, Clinical Neurophysiology Program
Anuj Jayakar, MD
Associate Director, Clinical Neurophysiology Program
Vivian Hernandez-Trujillo, MD
Director, Allergy-Immunology Program
L. Santiago Medina, MD
Director, Pediatric Radiology Program
Enrique Alvarado Burgos, MD
Associate Director, Pediatric Radiology Program
Americo Padilla, MD
Director, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Program
Parul Jayakar, MD
Director, Clinical Biochemical Genetics Program
Miguel Castellan, MD
Director, Pediatric Urology Program
S. Anthony Wolfe, MD
Director, Craniofacial Plastic Surgery Program
Jordan Steinberg, MD
Associate Director, Craniofacial Plastic Surgery Program
Fuad Alkhoury, MD
Director, Pediatric Surgery Program
Ziad Khatib, MD
Director, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Program
Haneen Abdella, MD
Associate Director, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Program
John Ragheb, MD
Director, Pediatric Neurosurgery Program
Rose M. Alvarez-Salvat, PhD
Director, Psychology Internship Program
Oscar Arevalo, DMD
Director, Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program
Thomas Errico, MD
Director, Pediatric Orthopedic Spine Program
Bhavi Patel, DO
Director, Pediatric CICU Program
Juan Carlos Meneses Paz, MD
Attending, Div of Hospitalist Services and/or Designee
Jefry Biehler, MD, MPH
Director, Med Students, FIU Ped Dept Chair
Julie Kantor, MD
Clerkship Director
Maria Milla, MD
Attending, Continuity Clinic General Pediatrics and/or Designee
Athena Pefkarou, MD
Attending, Div of Ped Hem/Onc
Magaly Diaz-Barbosa, MD
Attending, Chief Division of Neonatology (Admin)
Anamaria Pulido, MD
Attending, Pediatric Hospital Medicine
Mislen Bauer, MD
Attending, Div of Genetics 
Marisa Azaret, PsyD
Psychologist, Chief Div. of Psychology (Admin)
Pedro Pagan, MD
Attending, Pediatric Endocrinology
Christie De La Vega, DO
Attending, Pediatric Hospital Medicine
Giancarlo Giovannini, MD
Chief Residents, PGY4
Stephanie San Martin, MD
Chief Residents, PGY4
PGY1 Rep: Daniela Castro, DO
Pediatric Resident, PGY1
PGY1 Rep: Milena Fraustro Sanchez, MD
PGY1 Rep: Breyonna Maddox, DO
Pediatric Residents, PGY1
PGY2 Rep: Ifrah Waheed, MD
PGY2 Rep: Luis Durkac, MD
Pediatric Residents, PGY2
PGY2 Rep: Veronica Echanove, MD
Pediatric Resident, PGY2
PGY3 Rep: Roxana Navarro, MD
Pediatric Resident, PGY3
PGY3 Rep: Eva Glenn Lecea, MD
PGY3 Rep: Erileen Garcia Roldan, MD
Pediatric Residents, PGY3
Fellows Rep: Alexandra Byrne, MD
Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellow - PGY4
Fellows Rep: Ana Graneiro, MD
Allergy-Immunology Fellow - PGY4
Fellows Rep:  Freddy Martin, MD
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow - PGY5
Fellows Rep: Caleb Murray, DO
Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Fellow - PGY5
Fellows Rep: Stephen Girgis, MD
Pediatric Cardiology Fellow - PGY6
Fellows Rep: Adam Beaton, MD
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellow - PGY6
Dental Resident Rep: Sam Tover, DMD
Pediatric Dentistry Resident - Chief Resident
Elizabeth Menocal, CPMSM, CPCS
Department Administrative Director
Institutional Coordinator
Director of Patient Safety
Nicklaus Children's Hospital
Frederick Trent
Quality Improvement Department
Perry Ann Reed, MBA, MS, FACHE
Senior Vice President, & COO; Nicklaus Children's Health System
President, Nicklaus Children's Hospital
José Rosa-Olivares, MD, FAAP, MSHSA
Chief Medical Information Officer
Gabriel Cardenas, MPH (or Designee)
Data Analyst, Analytics & Data
Research Institute
Alina Gonzalez, C-TAGME
Lead Residency Coordinator, Medical Education
Ana Otero, C-TAGME
Lead Fellowship Coordinator, Medical Education
Brandy Bluett
Fellowship Coordinator, Medical Education
Galia Huerta
Residency Coordinator, Medical Education
Marie Rodriguez
Fellowship Coordinator, Medical Education
Catalina Dunoyer
Monica Martinez
Odalys Orellana
Kelly Reardon

Roles and Responsibilities of the GMEC (Click to view)