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Program Focus

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The focus of our program is to train psychology interns in the areas of pediatric health psychology and clinical neuropsychology. A graduated program of training experiences is provided for doctoral level psychology trainees. Our program is based on a Practitioner Scholar model, an integration of scholarship with experiential learning. The program includes exposure to knowledge and skills necessary for the completion of doctoral level training in professional psychology.

From didactic seminars to shadowing experiences, interns are trained in a manner that is sequential, cumulative and graded in complexity. The intern's progression toward independent practice informed by science is closely monitored through supervision provided across all aspects of training, the importance of psychological research and the application of that research to practice emphasize.

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Trainees participate in supervised experiences in diagnostic, therapeutic, and clinical research settings. The development of knowledge is also facilitated through supervision; supervisors serving as professional role models. The intern's primary supervisor is responsible for monitoring progress and insuring that the intern's training needs are being met. Interns will be required to present case conceptualization and supporting empirical data for the interventions selected as treatments.

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Photo of Psychology Residents