Nicklaus Children's Hospital GME Department has a structured Quality Improvement (QI) Curriculum for Residents, Fellows, and faculty development for faculty mentors. Trainees are expected to engaged in a self-generated and designed QI project during their training. The QI projects may follow PDSA, LEAN, Six Sigma, or other widely established QI methodologies. Trainees document their projects on a QI Project Documentation Form. Projects are presented in a QI forum using a QI Reporting Template and at the end of the academic year in the Annual Residents' and Fellows' Scholarship Day.

Below is a listing of our fellows' completed 2018-2019 QI projects:

Improving Screening for Child Abuse in Adolescent Medicine Clinic Monica Rezk, DO
Adolescent Medicine Fellow
Metee Comkornruecha, MD
Shaketha Gray, MD
Cardiac Arrest Prevention (CAP) Bundle Kinjal Parikh, MD
Saleem Almasarweh, MD
Anas Kayoum, MD
Ped Cardiology Fellows
Jun Sasaki, MD
Virtual EKG Workshop Keyur K Mehta, MD
Courtney Wein, DO
Ped Cardiology Fellows
Daniel Duarte, MD
Pediatric CICU Fellow
Ryan Halickman, MD
Pediatric Resident
Anthony Rossi, MD
Pre-Transition Administration of Long-Acting Insulin Analogue: A QI Project to reduce the Time Adjustment Requirement Post-Transition Kalpana Singh, MD
Ped Critical Care Fellow
Gabriella Blyumin, PharmD
Paul Martinez, MD
Alejandro Diaz, MD
Recognizing Anaphylaxis and Proper Administration of Epinephrine Autoinjector Among Pediatric Residents Melissa Cardenas-Morales, MD
Allergy-Immunology Fellow
Vivian Hernandez-Trujillo, MD
Improving Application of the 2017 Addendum Guidelines for the Prevention of Peanut Allergy in the PCC
Camile Ortega, DO
Allergy-Immunology Fellow
Michell Lozano, MD
Priyanka Seshadri, MD
Saddiq Habiballah, MD
Thomas VerHage, DO
Pediatric Residents
Vivian Hernandez-Trujillo, MD
Jose Calderon, MD
Introduction of a Sedation Weaning Protocol at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Meghana Nadiger, MD
Ped Critical Care Fellow
Angie Alegria, MD
Daniel Torres, MD
Ileana Torres-Burgos, MD
Milarys Hernandez-Martinez, MD
Jonathan Runyon, MD
Pediatric Residents
Marry Vuong, PharmD
Pharmacy Resident
Gabriela Blyumin, PharmD
Cindy Garlesky, ARNP
Kaitlin Kobaitri, DO Anamaria Pulido, MD
Improving PICU Resident Education Curriculum John Kotula, MD
Niveditha Balakumar, MD
Ped Critical Care Fellows
Michael Leoncio, DO
Improving Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prophylaxis in the PICU John Kotula, MD
Ped Critical Care Fellow
Paul Martinez, MD
Implementing Delerium Scoring System in PICU Mohammed Salameh, MD
Mukul Sehgal, MD
Ped Critical Care Fellows
Bala Totapally, MD
Sedation Algorithm Implementation Manette Ness-Cochinwala, MD
Ped Critical Care Fellow
Kaitlin Kobaitri, DO
Use of 3-D Printing to Guide Epilepsy Surgery Planning Nick Galan, MD
Marytery Fajardo, MD
Clinical Neurophysiology Fellows
Shelly Wang, MD
Ped Neurosurgery Fellow
Ann Hyslop, MD
Arriving Patients Safely to the Pre-Op Area Johnny Tackett, MD
Ped Surgery Fellow
Cathy A. Burnweit, MD
Applying the PECARN Head Injury Clinical Prediction Rules to Standardize Our Approach to Blunt Head Trauma in Children Kyle Glithero, MD
Ped Surgery Fellow
Leopoldo Malvezzi, MD
Optimizing Family Readiness for Discharge & Post Hospitalization Care Kersha Pennicott, MD
Ped Hospital Medicine Fellow
Marcos Mestre, MD
A Zone System is Associated with Decreased Length of Stay in a Pediatric Emergency Department Ronald Vasquez , MD
Ped Emergency Med Fellow
Maria Antonella Denaro, DO
Vincenzo Maniaci, MD
Marc Linares, MD
David Lowe, MD
Juan Lozano, MD
Stratification of Pediatric Trauma Alerts Carolina Mendoza, MD
Ped Emergency Medicine Fellow
Sara Tano, MD
Pediatric Resident
Michelle Blumstein, MD
Reduction of Chest X-Ray Utilization in Simple Bronchiolitis and Asthma Patients Presenting to the Emergency Room: A Quality Improvement Project
Naiomi Cohen, MD
Ped Emergency Medicine Fellow
Alanna Sedor, MD
Michell Lozano-Chinga, MD
Sophia Hassor, MD
Pediatric Residents
Mario Reyes, MD
Antonella Danero, MD
Barbara Pena, MD
Veronica Etinger, MD
ED Headache Protocol Ria Dindial, MD
Amanda Cruz-Deweese, DO
Ped Emergency Medicine Fellows
Michelle Blumstein, MD
Reducing Psych Patient Length of Stay (LOS) in the Pediatric Emergency Room Ebaa Jastaniah, MD
Ped Emergency Medicine Fellow
Marc Linares, MD
Vincenzo Maniaci, MD
Circumcision Complication reduction Natalia Ballesteros, MD
George Ransford, MD
Ped Urology Fellows
Miguel Castellan, MD
Determination of Normal maximum Injection Pressure Values for Contrast-Enhanced CT in Order to Reduce Extravasation Morbidity Julio Egusquiza, MD
Gregory Scheiberger, MD
Ped Radiology Fellows
Luis Cervantes, MD