Quality Improvement

Nicklaus Children's Hospital GME Department has a structured Quality Improvement (QI) Curriculum for Residents, Fellows, and faculty development for faculty mentors. Trainees are expected to engaged in a self-generated and designed QI project during their training. The QI projects may follow PDSA, LEAN, Six Sigma, or other widely established QI methodologies. Trainees document their projects on a QI Project Documentation Form. Projects are presented in a QI forum using a QI Reporting Template and at the end of the academic year in the Annual Residents' and Fellows' Scholarship Day.

Below is a listing of our fellows' completed 2021-2022 QI projects:

Improve Pediatric Residents’ Knowledge on Management of Inpatient Eating Disorders & Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Tiffany Han, MD
Adolescent Medicine Fellow
Metee Comkornruecha, MD
High Risk and Low Risk Congenital Heart Disease Feeding Protocol Stephanie Acosta, MD
Sanja Dzelebdzic, MD
Stephen Girgis, MD
Ped Cardiology Fellows
Bhavi Patel, DO
Impact of Standardized Cardiology Curriculum on Resident Education Stephanie Acosta, MD
Sanja Dzelebdzic, MD
Ped Cardiology Fellows
Jason Katz, MD
Educational Videos for Single Ventricle Palliation Surgeries Nicolas Ortiz, MD
Ped Cardiology Fellow
Jason Katz, MD
Improving Oral Care in the Invasively Ventilated Patient Ariella Barhen, MD
Leanna Laor, MD
Ped Critical Care Fellow
Kaitlin Kobaitri, DO
Bala Totapally, MD
Introduction of a Sedation Weaning Protocol at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Daniel Torres, MD
Ped Critical Care Fellow
Kaitlin Kobaitri, DO
Anamaria Pulido, MD
Bala Totapally, MD
Improving Compliance with Sleep Hygiene Measures to Decrease Delirium Incidence in Critically Ill Children Less than 2 Year of Age
Camila De Avila, MD
Ped Critical Care Fellow
Kaitlin Kobaitri, DO
Monique Taurrau, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, CPN
Improving Communication During ICU Rounds Adam Beaton, MD
Ped Critical Care Fellow
Kaitlin Kobaitri, DO
A Quality Improvement Project on Pediatric Resident Knowledge of Primary Immunodeficiency Yatyng Chang, MD
Allergy-Immunology Fellow
Vivian Hernandez-trujillo, MD
AHCA-Mandated Lab for Patients on Anti-Psychotic Josue Lopez, MD
Jorge Jorge, MD
Sabih Iqbal, MD
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellows
Americo Padilla, MD
Increasing the Use of Intranasal Versed for Laceration Repair in the ED Ana Ruiz-Castaneda, MD
Ped Emergency Medicine Fellow
Vincenzo Maniaci, MD
David Lowe, MD
Reducing Excessive Variability in Infant Sepsis Evaluation (REVISE II) Alison Payson, MD
Ped Hospital Medicine Fellow
Freddy Martin, MD
Ped Emergency Medicine Fellow
Melissa Clemente, MD
Veronica Etinger, MD
Michael Rizkalla, MD
Standardization of the Transition of Care in Patients Discharged from the Hospital with Asthma Exacerbations Stephanie Montarroyos, DO
Ped Hospital Medicine Fellow
Mario Reyes, MD
Veronica Etinger, MD
Patient-Reported Outcomes with Use of Cannula Versus Needle for Dermal Fillers Pedro Piccinini, MD
Craniofacial Plastic Surgery Fellow
S. Anthony Wolfe, MD
Emergency Department Gowning Zachary Manier, MD
Ped Emergency Medicine Fellow
Ana Maria Paez, MD
Better Antibiotic Selection in Children (BASiC) Torrie Reynolds-Herbst, MD
Ped Emergency Medicine Fellow
Alison Payson, MD
Ped Hospital Medicine Fellow
Giancarlo Giovannini, MD
Karen Hanze, MD
Pablo Napky, MD
Rodrigo Cavalcante, MD
Stephanie San Martin, MD
Pediatric Residents
Maria Behnam, DO
Impact of an EEG Monitoring Pathway on Timeliness of Interventions of Acute Neurological Decompensation Carlos Castillo Pinto, MD
Dayra Licier-Oquendo, MD
Brittney Jones, MD
Clinical Neurophysiology Fellows
Marytery Fajardo, MD
Improving Pediatric Sepsis Events Recognition and Management Sara Tano, MD
Ped Emergency Medicine Fellow
Karen Hanze Villavicencio, MD
Jennifer Navarro, MD
Alejandra Frauenlender, MD
Erileen Garcia, MD
Eva Glenn, MD
Pediatric Residents
Naiomi Cohen, MD
Prithvi Sendi, MD
Juan Carlos Meneses-Paz, MD
Mark Gabay, DO
Radiology Reporting Stacey MacKenzie, MD
Ped Radiology Fellow
Santiago Medina, MD
Improving Management of AcuteMOC part 4 credit. Pancreatitis in Keeping with Most Updated NASPGHAN Recommendation Gabriel Vidal, MD
Ped Gastroenterology Fellow
Annette Roberts, MD, MPH
Ashley Fonseca, MD
Sofia Colon, MD
Pediatric Residents
Lina Felipez, MD
Jesse Reeves-Garcia, MD
Maria Behnam, DO
Andrew Farias, MD
Mirta Rios, RD