Larsen Syndrome

Also known as: LS

What is Larsen syndrome?

Larsen syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that babies can be born with. It primarily affects the structure and development of bones, but it can vary widely in its presentation. Common symptoms of Larsen syndrome include clubfeet, scoliosis, a greater range of joint movement than usual (hypermobility) and other abnormalities.

What causes Larsen syndrome?

A genetic mutation causes Larsen syndrome. This can occur spontaneously or be passed down from parents to children.

What are the symptoms of Larsen syndrome?

Symptoms of Larsen syndrome can vary widely from person to person. They typically all involve joint or skeletal abnormalities. Possible symptoms include:
  • Cleft palate
  • Short fingers and toes
  • Short stature
  • Distinctive facial features
  • A curved spine
  • Clubfeet
  • Extra bones in the ankles and wrists
  • Other abnormalities

What are Larsen syndrome care options?

Treatments for Larsen syndrome are focused on managing specific symptoms and helping individuals with the disease live the best life possible. Different forms of therapy can help with managing the condition, and corrective surgery may be a possibility for some complications of Larsen syndrome.

Reviewed by: Scott J Schoenleber, MD

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