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Patient Success Stories

Lea nuestras inspiradoras historias de los pacientes y familias que han sido tratados en Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

Soaring Through Life Seizure Free

At two month’s old, Hannah underwent brain surgery (a temporal, occipital parietal resection) at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital to relieve her of her constant seizure activity after medication did not provide relief. This rare procedure involves removing the affected part of the brain for patients with severe epilepsy disorders. The surgery proved to be a success. She was completely off medications by the age of one and has been seizure free since the operation. Read this story.

A New Life for Danuel

Danuel Snelgrove was struggling during his junior year of high school. The epileptic seizures that had begun when he was 12 were getting increasingly violent and frequent, forcing the South Carolina teen to leave school in the spring of 2003.

Read this story.

Mirabel's Success Story

Just before her first birthday, little Mirabel began experiencing epileptic seizures that shattered early dreams of a normal childhood. After a 10-hour surgery a malfunctioning portion of the left parietal region of her brain that was causing the seizures was successfully removed. Read this story.

Elizabeth's Success Story

Elizabeth began working for Nicklaus Children's Hospital in 1985. A past patient herself, during her time as an employee, both her daughters were patients, and she feels blessed to have offered tehm the best pediatric care. Read this story.

Madeline's Success Story

Madeline Browne of Melbourne, Florida, was only 3 years old when she began having seizures. Following a successful surgery performed by neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjiv Bhatia to remove the diseased tissue, Madeline, now 10, has been seizure-free and has dazzled her family with her newfound maturity.  Read this story.

Renaldo's Epilepsy Success Story

A Miami grandmother trying to end her grandson’s seizures in Trinidad finds hope at Nicklaus Children's Hospital. Read this story.

Melanie's Epilepsy Success Story

Little Melanie, then only 3, was seizing as often as 40 times per day and each would begin with a scream as the child anticipated the impending episode. Melanie's family was exhausted from the long battle to end her seizures and fearful, knowing the unchecked neural malfunction was affecting her growth and development.  Read this story.

Ruby's Success Story

Shortly after Ruby’s fourth birthday, she began having seizures. After thorough examinations by the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center team, it was decided a surgery would be needed to stop her seizures. Read this story.

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Historia de Frankie - Instituto del Cerebro
Esta es la historia de cómo el Instituto del Cerebro del Nicklaus Children’s Hospital ayudó a Frankie a tener una vida sana y normal después de una lesión cerebral.

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