Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome

Also known as: AMPS, pain amplification syndrome.

What is amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome?

Amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome is a condition that causes normal pain sensation to be stronger and more intense than usual. It occurs due to problems related to the brain and spinal cord and often occurs in children.

What causes amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome?

The precise cause of amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome is unclear. It often occurs after an illness, an injury or stress. Genetics and hormonal factors also appear to play a role.

What are the symptoms of amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome?

In some cases, amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome causes something that is ordinarily painful to be much more painful. Other times it causes something that wouldn’t cause pain to feel painful. Headaches, hot skin, swelling and changes in color of the skin are other symptoms.

What are amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome care options?

A variety of therapies can help patients manage the pain of amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome. These can include desensitization techniques, exercise and psychotherapy among other treatments.

Reviewed by: Migvis Monduy, MD

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