Food for Salud

Food for Salud is a multi-faceted initiative launched at Nicklaus Children’s in 2022 that uses the power of food and nutrition to promote the wellbeing of South Florida children and families.


father and child enjoying fresh vegetables
father and child enjoying fresh vegetables

There are many benefits to eating well, from disease prevention to overall health and wellness. That’s why Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has launched Food for Salud to support access to nutritious food and bring healthy eating tips and recipes to kids in local schools and to families at various community events throughout the year.

A family shopping in a grocery story

How to Eat Healthy Amid Rising Food Costs

Rising costs of foods require creative solutions during trips for groceries. Making budget-savvy and healthy choices are possible, read these tips to save in more ways than one.

Food Focus: Why Healthy Foods are Important to a Child's Development

Healthy eating in childhood creates a stronger, healthier body which is less likely to develop chronic diseases, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some cancers.

Positive Impact of Nutritious Foods

  • to grow strong and healthy
  • to sleep better
  • to get better grades in school
  • to be in a better mood
Feeding South Florida
bone stregthtening aerobic activity
muscle strengthening aerobic activity

Keeping Your Food Safe

By Leyanee Perez, RDN/LDN
We all know the importance of washing our hands to stay healthy. But did you know that all fresh fruits and vegetables need to be washed just as thoroughly? Check out these steps that you can follow to ensure your fruits and veggies are fresh and ready to enjoy!
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